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Jaguars rookie DJ Chark credits his LSU bond with Leonard Fournette

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The Jaguars rookies gathered for the first time Friday and we learned more about an intriguing connection between rookie wide receiver D.J. Chark and his former LSU and now Jacksonville teammate, Leonard Fournette.

Chark spoke on several subjects, including how much hotter it was to practice in North Florida Friday than the indoor practices he had staying out of the heat in Baton Rouge.

Here was the full conversation at the end of this video package that included fellow rookie Taven Bryan and coach Doug Marrone meeting the media first:


Interestingly, the questions turned to Chark’s previous relationship with the Jaguars sledgehammer running back from a year ago. The season before Fournette was burning up the SEC for the Bayou Bengals, as a teammate of Chark’s in 2016.

First, Chark talked about how he, Fournette and two other teammates, including former QB Brandon Harris, were all four roommates at LSU. “It was us four jammed up in a small apartment. So you got to see a lot of each other. Over time you just grew to like each other.”

Chark continued, “Just sitting in the living room talking about nonsense.. Rasslin’ (Wrestling). Me beating him up (Fournette) in the living room….We just grew really close. And, the team just grew really close…. Our relationship just stayed the same. Then, he came to the pros and he would come back (to Lousiana) and we’d talk. We’d discuss, like what if I came to Jacksonville?”

Chark concluded, “It became more of a reality closer to draft day…he (Fournette) really just stuck his neck out for me to get here. That’s something you respect from a brother.”

Very interesting insight that Fournette was apparently lobbying with coach Doug Marrone, offensive coordinator Nate Hackett, GM Dave Caldwell and anyone else the that would listen, that they should take a strong look at Chark.

As we wrote previously, he didn’t have a ton of touchdowns (three), but was a speedy deep threat who averaged a huge 22 yards per catch last season at LSU. The Jags saw fit to take him in the second round of the draft.

Now, it’s about getting acclimated to everything in the NFL, and it certainly appears that Leonard Fournette will give D.J. Chark a bunch of help in that department.

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