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Jaguars reporter on Telvin Smith: “He’s got problem with them”

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It’s now been a full week since Jacksonville Jaguars star linebacker Telvin Smith announced that he would not play this season and forego over $9 million dollars in salary. And, on Thursday on Jacksonville radio, a beat writer that covers the team said you can almost draw one obvious conclusion.

Jaguars beat writer Mike DiRocco of ESPN is a frequent guest on Jacksonville sports radio station 1010 XL. And, appearing on the station Thursday mid-day, DiRocco addressed Smith apparently not having been in contact with the Jaguars all the way up until his social media announcement that he did not want to play this season:

“Not being in contact with them, with the team, and maybe he has this week, but him not being in contact is a troubling deal. I get the sense…  the only thing you can read in to that is: that is that he’s got a problem with them. And, that he’s angry with them for something.”

DiRocco continued, “Whether it’s at the end of the season that they brought him in and said ‘you didn’t play well this year, and if you do that talking stuff anymore…. we’ll fine the hell out of you or something.’ And, Tom Coughlin was not happy with that and not happy with the way he played and he left here (end of the season) thinking: ‘the heck with them.'”

DiRocco went on to also defend Smith to a degree, and say that, while we don’t know what the reason is, if it is personal problems or family problems or substance abuse or any legit troubling reason, to go and take care of himself. And, that Smith should be applauded for wanting to risk his salary to take care of whatever it is.

However, this all goes back to the larger point: that we still don’t know what’s going on with the six year linebacker out of Florida State? And we do know,  the Jaguars invested a chunk of money in Smith with a contract extension in late 2017 and are counting on him to anchor the middle of the defense.

So, the mystery continues, for now, until the team or Smith clarify why he is staying away.

And, we will again put out there: that Smith is not missing anything significant in May or June or even, early July. And, it’s entirely possible, that Smith could rejoin the Jaguars at some point later and never miss a regular season game.

Now, we all wait.

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