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Jaguars Ramsey’s small headaches leading to bigger problems

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Make no mistake, the Jacksonville Jaguars are trying to “wipe the slate clean” from a huge backwards step season of 2018. A year after a darling unexpected playoff run, the Jaguars went back to being….the Jaguars at 5-11 last year. And, to that end, VP of football Tom Coughlin wants to make it clear, that everyone should be fully committed to the new attempt at turnaround.

Further, Coughlin made waves Thursday when, not surprisingly, answer a question about Jags star defensive back Jalen Ramsey and linebacker Telvin Smith not attending the team’s voluntary workouts this week. Coughlin’s message through the media was, “they should all be here.”

That’s because, Coughlin, who coached the Giants to two Super Bowl wins, understands the commitment and unified locker room that it takes to turn around a floundering franchise.

However, not everybody is taking it that way. First, NFL Players Association President Eric Winston made it very clear later on Thursday what “voluntary” means:

Wiinston knows, from a long career of playing, that their organization’s negotiations with the NFL have specifically addressed players not being required to be at the team facility all the time, week after week, in the offseason. Hence the word, “voluntary.”

Well, the debate continued on Friday, not only in the media and the internet, but Jacksonville sportsradio, etc. And so, Ramsey’s agent, David Mulugheta, sent an indirect response to Coughlin and the team about Ramsey choosing, once again, to not train with his teammates during non- mandatory weeks and practices of the offseason:

Clearly, there are two sides to this situation. But a problem for Ramsey (and Muugheta) is the team has dealt with Jalen Ramsey repeatedly being a headache on and off the field and this is only the latest example.

Ramsey stayed away from all of the off-season work a year ago, which also irked Coughlin, but then his behavior towards a Jacksonville beat writer, who was trying to film Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue getting into a tussle after a training camp practice last August, got Ramsay suspended for an entire week.

The Jaguars were clearly trying to send a message for the former first-round pick from FSU to straighten up and behave, because he has a big future and the team has an important decision on giving him a big contract.

But then, simultaneously that training camp suspension, unsolicited, on his own and classlessly, Ramsey took shots at almost every active quarterback in the NFL in an extended profile article with GQ Magazine. This included, slamming quarterbacks that Ramsey knew he and his Jaguar teammates would be playing against last season and frequently in the future.

Coughlin, Coach Doug Marrone and the organization were not only embarrassed, but angered, by what Ramsey did last August.

So now, you fast forward to this season and Ramsey about to enter the final year of his rookie deal. He’s also hoping that the Jaguars will open the bank vault and pay him massively on a new long-term contract.

However, he should take a closer look at exactly what Coughlin, Marrone and the organization did to his teammate Fowler, who did not get the 5th year option on his rookie deal picked up a year ago. And then, he was eventually traded to the Rams in October after continuing to be an off-the-field headache with arrests, poor practice work, etc.

Now, in comparison and fairness to what Ramsey has contributed to the Jaguars over his first three years vs. what Fowler did not do during his four years, it’s not close. Ramsey was named All-Pro two seasons ago and has been in the Pro Bowl twice. Further, he’s largely respected as one of the best one-on-one “cover corners” in the NFL.

Still, It would not surprise anyone, if Jacksonville has the same mentality, right now, with Ramsey headed into this fall: “see if he “shapes up” or go ahead and deal him for something in return before having to break the bank and be on the hook for many years to keep him in Jacksonville.

So, not showing up for voluntary workouts doesn’t mean very much on the surface.

That is, unless it’s adding to your running total of issues and your team growing more and more frustrated with your antics. And it ultimately, ends up costing you a possible reward with them down the line.

That’s where Ramsey and the Jaguars are, right now.

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