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Jaguars Ramsey on teammate Ngakoue holdout- “I want him here”

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It’s one of the top stories in Jaguars camp and five days in, there’s no end in sight, to defensive end Yannick Ngakoue’s hold out. And, for his Pro bowl-caliber defensive teammate Jalen Ramsey, the situation hits a little close to home.

However, on Sunday Ramsey wanted to make it clear that while he’s aware of the situation, he understands both sides of the business.

Ramsey met with the Jaguars media after their Sunday morning practice, which was the fourth one for the team that Ngakoue has not been part of while seeking his contract:

“Yan is my bruh. I want him here. Everybody know (sic) I want him here. I talk to him literally every single day. But that’s his situation. I ‘aint in no body else pockets,” Ramsey said plainly. “But I understand him at the same time. I think he is one of the best, if not the best edge rushers in all of football. He knows his worth and I respect that. And I hope something gets done sooner rather than later.”

As we have written previously, and Ngakoue was a no show in June, while seeking a massive pay raise from small salary in the final year of his four-year rookie contract.

Ngakoue is slated to make $2 million this season. Or, roughly about an eighth of what the top 5 defensive ends in the NFL make on average ($15.5 million).

He’s been Jacksonville’s best pass-rusher over his three-year career accumulating 29.5 sacks (9.5 in 2018) and 70 quarterback hits. This after being an unheralded 3rd round draft pick out of Maryland in 2016. So, you can understand his frustration and wanting a new deal.

And, clearly Ramsey can identify, as he is a man that is looking to get paid massively also by Jacksonville, or someone else, soon. Ramsey even had fun on his Wednesday arrival when he showed up with some comedic flair in a Brinks Truck at TIAA Bank Field.

The former 5th overall pick had the fifth year option of his rookie contract picked up, which will pay him $3.6 million for this year and the option is for a $13.7 million salary next year.

However, it is Ramsey’s hope that he will cash in for much more than that on a multi year deal sooner rather than later.

Just like Ngakoue hopes that his showdown, that has already cost him $200,000 in fines, will result in a new deal soon for him.