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Jaguars owner Shad Khan “sports investment roll” continues

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The wave the Jaguars have been riding for the last 9 months has been well documented. There is more optimism for the upcoming season in North Florida than in any year in the last decade. Owner Shad Khan is obviously reveling in the turnaround and in what his investment into the NFL has become.

Well, on Saturday another of his significant sports investments, this one across the Atlantic, grabbed headlines too.

Fulham Football Club won the one game playoff with Aston Villa 1-0 Saturday afternoon at Wembley Stadium in London and in doing so, earned the right to compete next season in the coveted English Premier League “First Division,” again. It’s the first time in five years that they will be back playing the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Oh, and the promotion back to the big leagues of EPL soccer is also worth $125 million in revenue for Khan, as well.

All of this comes at a time where Khan has not only announced massive expansive plans for downtown Jacksonville, as part of the newly renamed TIAA Bank Field, and upgrading the Jaguars facilities. But, he is also looking to buy the stadium where Fulham played today, Wembley, and add that to his expansive portfolio.

Wembley is one of the most prominent facilities in all of Europe, and as we wrote previously, Khan has hinted that his plans would not only include trying to bring soccer’s World Cup to England and the stadium, but also the Superbowl there, too.

The Khan’s (including, Tony, the son of the owner) were celebrating into the London night Saturday

Back to the Jaguars, here’s the simple reality/math. The better that Fulham does on the “pitch” and at the box office, the better it is for the NFL franchise. Particularly, it gives Khan more money to spend via free agency on signing bonuses and guaranteed portions of contracts for the Jags.

And the business axiom about both sides succeeding is true: “They win. We win.”

It was definitely a “win” for Fulham on the field Saturday. And for the Jaguars and their owner, it should be all smiles for awhile from that.

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