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Jaguars owner Khan clears another hurdle in Wembley Stadium purchase

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Shad Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and also the English Premier soccer league team, Fulham FC, is a step closer to buying one of the iconic sports venues in Europe.

The Football Association of England (FA) has voted Thursday afternoon to move forward with Khan’s $600 million bid to buy Wembley Stadium. We wrote previously this May about Khan being one of the bidders.

Thursday’s announcement/step has fueled more speculation that Khan might eventually attempt to move the NFL franchise out of North Florida and to London.

To that end, the Jaguars owner released a statement Thursday afternoon clarifying the situation, maintaining his commitment to keeping football in Jacksonville, but at the same time not ruling out anything:

The key part of the statement is:

One of the many benefits of the Jaguars’ commitment to London has been our partnership with the FA and Wembley Stadium. Over the past several years, it became clearer to us and the FA that the idea of our purchase of Wembley Stadium made a lot of sense for all of us.

For the FA, it would mean Wembley Stadium returning to private ownership, permitting the FA to direct its full attention to its mandate to develop talent and serve the game with the vast resources it would realize from the sale. For the Jaguars, it would deliver another – and very significant – asset and local revenue source that would further strengthen our investment in London, which as everyone knows is crucial to the Jaguars’ continued sustainability in Jacksonville. In every respect, the Jaguars’ standing in London would be improved and dramatically enhanced if we are fortunate to be approved as the new owner and steward of Wembley Stadium, and that’s good news for the Jaguars and all of Jacksonville. 

It’s important to note that the sale has not yet been finalized or approved by the 111 member FA Council and they still have an opportunity to discuss and then, to vote on his bid on October 11th.

Interestingly, the Jaguars will play at Wembley, shortly thereafter. That will be on Sunday October 21st when the Jaguars, as part of their multi-year agreement with the NFL, will be playing a home game against the Super Bowl champion Eagles.

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