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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars kept their composure, as Seahawks embarrassed themselves

Florida Football Insiders



There is no question it was “kneel down mayhem” at the end of the Jaguars 30-24 Sunday night over the Seahawks at Everbank Field. There’s also no question that the Jaguars, who have been one of the laughingstock’s of the league for going on a decade, acted like veteran professionals in the situation. Meanwhile, Seattle acted like bullies who had finally been punched in the nose and couldn’t take it.

The ending marred what had been a wild exciting fourth quarter of arguably Jacksonville’s biggest win, so far this season, in a decade.

Let’s quickly recap the situation.

The Jaguars had stopped Seattle on downs and taken over at the Seahawks 43 yard line to try to run the clock out. Seattle had two timeouts remaining and the two minute warning to stop the clock. So, the Jags would need at least one first down.

After the two minute warning and the Seahawks burning their second timeout, Jacksonville was facing a 3rd and 11. Leonard Fournette ran left for 13 yards and the first down and essentially, ended the hard fought game.

What happened next was an embarrassment for the NFL, but mainly the Seattle organization.

As QB Blake Bortles attempted to kneel on first down and get the clock rolling, defensive lineman Michael Bennett purposely and classlessly, rolled into center Brandon Linder’s knees at the snap. It’s a highly dangerous play for injury and Linder legitimately reacted by going after Bennett on the ground.

Here is the replay of the incident with Darryl “Moose” Johnston of Fox providing the commentary:

Also, Fournette saw what happened and stood up for Linder, going after Bennett shortly after. They both were flagged for personal fouls. During the “scrum,” Seattle’s Sheldon Richardson threw a punch and was also flagged and ejected.

The officials finally got things calmed down after sending both teams briefly to their sideline and sorting out what happened.

But, as much as referee Gene Steratore and crew tried to restore order, they had to deal with the Seahawks, the bullies who were having to accept the tough loss, and their antics, again.

On the next kneel down, Seahawks lineman Quinton Jefferson tried to start another fight, was flagged and quickly ejected. As he left the field, he was hit by a plastic bottle thrown from above and attempted to go into the stands after Jaguars fans. Here’s ESPN’s Jeff Darlington capturing part of that situation:

Steratore and his crew also had to remove coach Pete Carroll from the field (above), as he came out to the Seattle huddle not only trying to settle his players down but also, arguing with two officials. He was flagged and taken back by a ref to the sideline.

The officials acted properly enforcing new rules about coaches being on the field, while the game is going on, as to not make the situation worse.

Bortles, finally knelt on the ball one last time and the clock ran out.

It took over nine minutes of actual time for three kneel downs to overcome Seattle’s “crybaby” antics,  the flags and ejections, and then, allow the Jaguars to celebrate their win.

The bigger problem is, Seattle under Carroll and with Michael Bennett, has done in the past, specifically, when it came to trying to be bullies and take cheap shots during the end of game kneel downs.

At the end of Super Bowl 49 in Phoenix, while Tom Brady and the Pats were trying to kneel on the ball after Malcom Butler’s famous interception at the goal line, there were numerous attempts that day at cheap shots. There a couple by Bennett on and after that kneel down and a fight started in the endzone and New England TE Rob Gronkowski was tangled and fighting with Bennett. Observe:

It marred the end of a classic game and was an eyesore that night on the biggest stage for the NFL.

This December game yesterday, albeit a huge win for the Jaguars, wasn’t that magnitude, but it was still big. And, the Seahawks were still just as embarrassing with their classless acts.

We’ll see in the coming couple of days what the NFL does, or doesn’t do, with possible fines and suspensions.

This much we do know: the highlights of what happened on the kneel downs and the Jefferson antics are everywhere on t.v. and the internet.

It’s ugly.

Seattle is suffering national embarrassment for their behavior, while the Jags are celebrating being in first place in the AFC South.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dawn Lauren

    December 11, 2017 at 10:51 am

    Wow the author completely brushed over the details of he beers being thrown towards Jefferson. One plastic bottle? It was more like 7 beers. And he also didn’t mention when Jags fans threw garbage at Tyler Lockett after he scored a TD. Bennett was definitely classless, but he fans in Jacksonville were also just as classless.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Gameday- Jaguars host Titans in AFC South showdown

Florida Football Insiders



Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Who: Jaguars (2-0) vs. Titans (1-1)

Where: TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville

When: Sunday 1 p.m.

Spread: Jaguars by 9 1/2 (Courtesty

The 2-0 Jaguars are ready to play host to AFC South rival Tennessee on Sunday and try to break the Titans 2017 headlock they put around Jacksonville in sweeping them.

Here’s what we are watching in their first match-up of the year Sunday:

Who’s running the ball in Jacksonville?

As we documented, both Leonard Fournette and T.J. Yeldon are banged up and were limited in practice this week. Fournette is unlikely to play or even if he is, he may not be that effective with a hamstring injury suffered two weeks ago.

Yeldon had 51 yards rushing last week against the Patriots in Fournette’s absence, but he has a sprained ankle. Yeldon is also listed as questionable.

If Yeldon cannot go, the third running back is Corey Grant, a four year veteran, who has only started one game in his career. Grant did have six catches and four runs last week in the New England win.

QB Blake Bortles played well without Fournette throwing four TDs in the win. He desperately needs some rushing attack for drive momentum and to set up play action.

Who’s the QB for the Titans?

Marcus Mariota has been battling an injury to the nerve in his elbow after taking a hit in the week one loss to the Dolphins. Mariota did not play in their win last week against Houston and is officially questionable for this game in North Florida.

If he cannot play, veteran backup Blaine Gabbert will fill in as he’s done the last two games. Gabbert was just 13-20 for 117 yards and a TD pass against the Texans, but he didn’t have to have great numbers.

The Titans got a fake punt TD pass, played solid defense and still won.

It’s possible that Mariota may try to play, but Tennessee coach Mike Vrabel will have use of both QBs, too.

Which leads to, will the Jaguars D lock down the Titans?

It’s no secret that the Jags want to win with defense, and this game is no exception. They were really good against the Patriots last week holding Hall of Famer Tom Brady in check for much of the day. Jacksonville is fifth in points allowed and seventh in yards allowed in the NFL.

Plus, Jacksonville still has one of the most feared pass rushes in the league, as Brady found out the hard way last week. In a critical third quarter sequence, Bortles had thrown an interception, but right away, defensive end Dante Fowler got the ball back on a strip sack of Brady.

They will need plays like that to get the win and keep their perfect season in tact.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars may have to go deeper into running back depth chart Sunday

Florida Football Insiders



Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

More concern for the Jaguars running back situation at the conclusion of Friday’s practice. This is because not only is Leonard Fournette still questionable to play with his injured hamstring, but now so too is his backup, T.J. Yeldon.

Both players were limited in practice on Friday for Sunday’s game with the Titans. Yeldon has a sprained ankle suffered during Sunday’s win over New England 31-20. He did carry the ball 10 times for 58 yards rushing last week, which was a solid performance.

Coach Doug Marrone was his usual non-forthcoming self post Friday practice, when it came to conversation about the injured backs. However, you can use previous precedence and injury designation to draw some conclusions.

For example, Fournette’s hamstring was bad enough that he never returned to the opening game with the Giants, and even though he and the Jaguars said the right things leading up to last week’s game, he was unable to practice fully, was listed as questionable, and they held him out of the Pats game.

And with the understanding that we are not in the Jacksonville training room and don’t know the full updates, the fact that now Fournette and Yeldon were unable to practice fully at all this week, has to be a concern for the Jaguars running attack.

If neither of those two are active or, let’s say they are active but not effective, the third string running back is fourth year veteran Corey Grant. The former undrafted player from Auburn has been active for 35 games in his career including all 16 a year ago and the first two in this season.

He has only one career start, but Grant against the Patriots last week had six catches for 56 yards and four carries for 13 yards. And he’s clearly who Marrone and offensive coordinator Nate Hackett will turn to to establish the ground game and the play-action for quarterback Blake Bortles.

Again, there’s always the possibility that they were just being precautionary with Yeldon’s ankle this week and that with 48 hours more rest and treatment, he will be ready to start.

But, let’s just say that if you have the former Bama tailback or Fournette, you might need to look at other options for your Fantasy Football lineup this week.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars QB Bortles doesn’t mind you coming over to his place

Florida Football Insiders



Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars are “riding high” early on in the season after an impressive win against New England. Everyone is obviously loose, because of the success in 2017, and now, back-to-back wins to start this year have given a sense of confidence to the young squad.

An embattled fifth year quarterback Blake Bortles is on a serious uptick in his own playing career. Off yet another surprising game Sunday, where he threw for 376 yards and four scores in the 31 – 20 victory, Bortles has plenty of reasons to smile.

And, unusually, he has plenty of reasons to welcome total strangers who come to his door

Yes. You read that correctly.

Bortles made mention earlier this week about fans and even teammates coming to his house, unannounced, to “say hello,” maybe catch up on some Netflix and of course, talk about the success of the Jaguars.

Okay, we made the Netflix part up.

Still, for an NFL quarterback to make mention that he’s welcoming people to come see him at his home to talk up the team he plays for is definitely unusual.

Bortles elaborated jokingly to the media Wednesday after the Jaguars practice in preparation for their first meeting this season with the Titans:

“It’s a football town that loves their Jaguars, especially when they are playing well. You know, I don’t have a problem having a conversation with somebody at the door.” When asked whether the fans relate to him, Bortles continued, “I feel as though I relate to the city of Jacksonville and the people who live here….I’ve lived in Florida my whole life. I feel comfortable here. I’ve made a lot of friends here. Made a lot of good relationships. Really enjoyed being here.”

It’s a very juicy twist to the Bortles soap opera from a year ago, when Jags fans were ready to not only come to his front door, but pack all of his belongings and put them on a moving truck to get him out of town.

Yet, Bortles played steady and at times great football in the 2017 season, including Jacksonville’s stunning AFC divisional playoff win at Pittsburgh last year. He also played well in the AFC Championship Game resulting in a narrow lost to New England.

So, it’s understandable that Bortles has got the Jaguars fans filling up on his bandwagon, yet again.

However, one thing is for sure, in the NFL everything is fleeting and directly related to what you’ve done, lately. And with the Titans having swept the Jaguars a year ago, Bortles and his teammates know they have to get that corrected starting with Sunday’s home game at TIAA Bank Field.

Otherwise, any strangers at the Bortles home, who are decked out in black and teal uninvited, may not be as friendly coming up the driveway next week.

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