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Jaguars Jalen Ramsey finally appears in day six of camp

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There had begun to be some doubt, as to when Jaguars All Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey would finally join his teammates in training camp after the birth of his daughter last week.

Doubt no more.

Ramsey arrived in Jacksonville Tuesday morning and was, in fact, out on the practice field for the Jags’ fifth practice of their camp, so far.

We had written just yesterday that either he or the Jaguars organization owed some kind of update for everyone, as to his absence through the Jaguars first four practices, meeting, etc. over the last five days.

This was especially with, coach Doug Marrone giving zero information other than it was a “family situation” for Ramsey and his girlfriend after the birth of their little girl.

After Tuesday’s practice, Ramsey talked for the first time about that life changing event last week, his return to practice and more:

“I was in contact with everybody, the coaches, players and everybody. My plan was to always comeback like a week after (the birth). Spend a good week with her. Make sure they were good. So yeah, the 31st (today),” Ramsey told the media.

He wasn’t asked an immediate follow up question about any possible negative to missing practices, including a valuable full padded one Saturday night.

However, several minutes later Ramsey was asked about what he thought about how long it would take to get fully ready for camp?

“I’m ready. I’m always ready. I stay ready, so I don’t have to get ready.”

In fairness, these are camp practices and most of them are not in full pads, and Ramsey did participate right away Tuesday, including in 11 on 11 drills.

The final question he was asked was also important: what it means to Ramsey that his teammates support him, when he was gone for OTA’s working out on his own. Or, in this instance, support him being gone for camp.

“It means a lot. It does. It really means a lot….That goes back on them supporting me. Belief in me. Knowing that I will come back ready. The coaches the same way. The fact that they have the confidence in my pops and everybody back home (to work out with him the family facility in Tennessee)… preparing me for situations. I am truly blessed.”

The NFL is a bottom line business, and as long as Ramsey doesn’t pull a muscle in the short term and is playing at a top level, when called upon coming up in preseason games, then the rest will all be forgotten, again.

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