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Jaguars have to stick with Gardner Minshew

Florida Football Insiders



Forget about the cute promotional mustaches being passed out to the fans. Forget about the guaranteed money the Jaguar put in front of Nick Foles back in March. Right now, the team has won four times in six games, it’s in the playoff conversation and it’s in large part because of rookie QB, Gardner Minshew.

And whether or not Foles is healthy enough to return either in London Sunday against the Texans or after the Jaguars bye week, it’s obvious what coach Doug Marrone and the organization should do.

Or should we say, not do.


They can’t take Minshew out at this point.

Sunday’s latest display about what the former Washington State QB brings to the current 2019 version of the Jags showed you all that you need to know. He has accuracy- completing 22 of 34 passes for another 279 yards and three more scores Sunday. He has poise, as he is staying away from turnovers unlike Jets 2nd year QB Sam Darnold. Darnold threw three picks Sunday and basically undid his team’s chances to win.

And most of all, look at the way his teammates respond to Minshew. Celebrations after TDs, the engagement with his teammates on the sideline, everything that Minshew projects is leadership and winning.

So, why would you want to mess with that in the short term?

Yes, Foles was given the largest guaranteed contract ever for a Jags quarterback back during free agency, but he was hurt right away in the first quarter of game one. And his time may still come at some point in this season, if Minshew starts to falter or worse, suffers an injury, himself.

However, the results are the results and the Jaguars are winning.

Yes, some of it is the power running of Leonard Fournette mixed with a solid defense that is back wreaking havoc on quarterbacks with pressure and sacks.

But,” news flash” – that’s the way they were going to win with Nick Foles in at QB, as well.

Further, Foles has been used to this situation the last couple of years in Philadelphia, where he was waiting for his opportunity as a backup. And, eventually, it came when Carson Wentz was injured at the end of each of the last two years. So, this is familiar territory for the veteran.

Again, Minshew could still falter and no one would blame Marrone and the team at that point for putting Foles back in.

However, if you take the rookie out, now and Foles is bad? Then, you’ve got everyone rightfully ripping you for messing with success.

There’s a great Axiom in present-day sports about free agency and trades: “Sometimes the best move is the one that you don’t make.”

For now, the Jaguars would be wise to heed that.