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Jaguars-Eagles London Game sold out already

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First, its owner Shad Khan is not only trying to purchase famed Wembley Stadium in London, and potentially, trying to convince the NFL to bring the Superbowl there someday. Now, there’s more good news for his Jaguars franchise: their October game in London is already “sold out.”

More on the the London Superbowl in a moment, but here’s why we put sold out in the quotes: it’s well known in NFL circles and the U.K. that NFL holds back thousands of tickets for their international games.

So, even though the tickets for the October 28th game with the defending Superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles were only recently made available through the NFL to fans in the U.K. and online, that allotment is already gone.

As this item in Pro Football Talk points out, the tickets are also, already on the secondary market for over $700, U.S. currency, in the lower level of Wembley. And there is plenty of complaining by U.K. fans that they couldn’t get their hands on the seats to see a presumably healthy Carson Wentz and his teammates come to England the same calendar year after their triumph in Minnesota over the Patriots.

Again, in the past, the NFL has hung onto blocks of tickets, which they use for their corporate sponsors, the host team (in this case the Jags-who have a multi year deal to play “home games” in London) and the league will also use some tickets for other organizations to receive them, too.

You also have to believe that Eagles fans trying to plan trips to London to see the game also created a serious immediate demand. Philadelphia has one of the biggest traveling fan bases and also numerous fans of theirs live in other NFL cities, and come out in droves when Philly comes to town, too.

As for Khan trying to purchase Wembley Stadium, as we wrote last month, he said that’s in part to help the financial stability of the Jaguars, but it’s also very lucrative for him to control what is arguably the best stadium in Europe.

This includes, when English Premier League Soccer plays games there, and other outside events like concerts or like young popular unbeaten heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua of England fights there. He has done so numerous times in the last three years before sellout crowds. Joshua successfully defending his titles in front of 80,000 fans in a recent March 31st fight.

The seemingly crazier “pipe dream” idea is to play the NFL’s biggest game, the Superbowl, overseas, where so few of the “fans” of teams could afford to be there. This, without spending an extra $3, $4, or maybe $5 thousand dollars to fly, stay, eat and purchase game tickets to the February extravaganza.

Khan told the BBC in London in an answer Sunday about what motivates him to do this deal, “Wembley is a great stadium, and you want to get it configured to hold Super Bowl and World Cup finals.”

Again, it’s his dream, and who knows if the NFL would seriously consider it in the next 15-25 years.

As for now though, Khan’s Jaguars are coming off a great season and headed to 2018, and London, with optimism, momentum and now a sold out game, too.

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