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Jaguars dodged bullet with Leonard Fournette hamstring?

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It’s early in the year, but if you’re a Jaguars fan you had to be holding your breath a bit, as Leonard Fournette exited Sunday’s opening win in New York and did not return.

After catching a short pass from QB Blake Bortles in a second quarter, Fournette tweaked his right hamstring. However, the Monday good news is: it does not appear to be a serious injury.

Fournette was seen in the Jaguars locker room Monday during the portion of time that the media was allowed to be in there to conduct interviews:

The medical sleeve on the hamstring is to help with warmth and keeping the area that is injured to be loose. So, that is a positive.

Now, we normally rely on the expertise of Dr. Selene Parekh from website. He’s a renowned orthopedist and does a great job at judging from video and injury information how long a player may be out of action. Here was the Sunday observation:

So, that’s a scarier initial report.

Monday afternoon coach Doug Marrone met with the media and shed little light on the injury other than calling it “minor:”

The Jags actually don’t have to say anything about Fournette’s injury until Wednesday, when their official injury report comes out. If it is a slight hamstring strain, it is possible that Fournette could try to play later this week. However, that’s risky because you can always make the injury much worse and then, could miss several weeks by straining it further.

The good news was, once again Sunday, T.J. Yeldon continued his recent trend of filling in well for Fournette. Sunday he finished with 51 yards on 14 carries. He also caught a one yard TD pass from Bortles.

And while he doesn’t run with the same explosive game-breaking speed that the former number 1 pick out of LSU does, Yeldon is probably a better pass-catcher and may be able to help the Jaguars get by for a week or two, if needed.

There is an overall concern that has developed in Fournette’s final season at LSU, last year in Jacksonville and now to start this year: can he stay healthy as seasons go on?

As we wrote about and it was well-publicized this summer, Fournette is leaner in 2018 in an attempt to be more explosive and increase his speed bursts.

So it’s not a matter of being in shape, but right now, nagging injuries are a problem for Fournette.

Hopefully for he and the team, this one is not serious though.

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