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Jaguars DB Ramsey again downplays Sunday match up with Tyreek Hill

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It is arguably the best NFL game of the weekend and, likewise, it will potentially feature one of the best one-on-one match-ups in pro football this Sunday too.

Kansas City is undefeated and boasts a high-powered offense, including Speedster Tyreek Hill. Meanwhile, any fan of the Jaguars knows that Jalen Ramsey is one of the top lock-down corners in all of the NFL.

So, it seems like a natural pairing for those two to shadow each other. Hill wasted no time in telling the Kansas City media earlier this week that he looks forward to Ramsey playing against him and up on the line of scrimmage in press coverage. This would give Hill the chance to speed by him.

Hill is a former 100 meter champion in high school and college and is one of the most dangerous players in the open field in football.

Ramsey responded to Hill’s challenge Thursday afternoon after Jaguars practice:

Just as he did with the week one matchup with Odell Beckham jr. of the Giants, Ramsey is trying to make the match-up about Kansas City’s offense versus the Jaguars defense.

But deep down, you know that Ramsey feeds off of situations like this.

Through four games this season the Hill is averaging 16 yards per catch with three touchdowns. And while he is only averaging a couple of yards per carry on his five rushes, he does have three rushing touchdowns in his career. And, Kansas City has handed him the ball 41 times over the two previous seasons.

So needless to say, coach Andy Reid is looking for creative ways in his game plan to get he’ll free.

And likewise, the Jags and defensive coordinator Todd wash will evaluate how much the bigger Ramsey stays with him one-on-one in this match up at Arrowhead Stadium.

Don’t look for it on every play Sunday, but at least part-time, Hill vs. Ramsey will be “must see.”

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