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Jaguars DB Jalen Ramsey downplays Odell Beckham Sunday match-up

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One of the Intriguing parts of Sunday’s Jaguars opener at The Meadowlands against the Giants will be the individual matchup between All Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey and Giants “All World” receiver Odell Beckham jr.

While there may be some plays where Ramsey is not following OBJ all over the field, the belief is this will be a classic case of a football version of “man-to-man defense.”

You have one of the most explosive acrobatic receivers in pro football potentially being matched most of the time by one of the biggest most physical lockdown corners in the NFL.

However, if you were wanting to get something out of Ramsey during his Thursday press conference with the Jacksonville media, you’re out of luck. Ramsey mostly downplayed the match-up despite the media repeatedly making reference to the volatility and previous on-field actions of both players.

“Lotta people gonna try to make it about me and him (sic) specifically, but that’s not what it’s about. Football is a team game….We’re gonna have to come together to try to get a win. I’m gonna try to do my part.”

Ramsey was then asked about whether his trash talking skills have an effect on igniting situations and he again deflected it:

“I don’t really know. It don’t really matter to me either though. My play is what really gets people talking…I’m gonna be me. I don’t really think it’s something that we need to keep taking about week in and week out….I’m gonna be me all the time.

Ramsey very famously got under the skin of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green in a game in a Novemver last year  to the point that Green was trying to punch and fight him. And both players were ejected:

Beckham had an equally famous run in with former Panthers now Redskins corner Josh Norman in a game in 2015. However, in that instance the officials on the field left both players in the game and basically lost control of the entire situation. It resulted in multiple personal fouls, multiple incidents and both teams nearly coming to an all-out fight on the field.

Don’t look for something to that extent on Sunday, but Ramsey will not be backing down.

Giant fans, as well as fans all over the country are anxious to see what rookie running back Saquon Barkley will be able to bring to the Giants offense. However, make no mistake, Eli Manning’s favorite target is OBJ and Ramsey will be trying to keep him off the ledger for much of the game.

Ramsey was also added to the Jaguars injury report for Thursday with a sore foot.

As for the “War of words?” Count on that happening, too.

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