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Jaguars coach Marrone says little about Fowler and Ramsey suspensions

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Two days after training camp emotions boiled over into a near fight between defensive line mates Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue, coach Doug Marrone was the first to “sort of address” the situation. A situation that has led to the one week suspension of Fowler and teammate Jalen Ramsey, as the Jags prepare to practice with the Vikings and then, play them on Saturday night.

Marrone spoke to the media prior to Tuesday’s training camp workout and didn’t offer a ton of insight into what has been said to the players:

Marrone was definitely guarded in the Q and A:

“I have spoken to both players. And obviously, those conversations are private.”

He was pressed on whether Fowler received the one week suspension and not Ngakoue, because Fowler had been the aggressor Sunday?

“I am not going to comment on that… I know that everyone has to ask it. But, again, those decisions are internal and it’s team violations. And those are private.”

When asked whether he was concerned that Fowler and Ngakoue couldn’t “co-exist” in the defensive line room, etc.,

“I don’t expect that, with any of our players.”

Marrone further outlined that Fowler and Ramssey will stay behind, when the team leaves later Tuesday.

“We’re in Minnesota, they (Fowler and Ramsey) won’t be with us there… They are not with us and they will be back on Monday.”

Ramsey is being disciplined for yelling at reporters, specifically Florida Times-Union writer Phillip Heilman, on Sunday while they filmed the altercation between Fowler and Ngakoue. Heilman later wrote about it and posted the video.

Ramsey then sent a now deleted tweet that basically threatened Heilman for having done so.

It’s clear that Fowler is on thin ice. This is obvious, because the team, with the decision coming from the top and VP of Football Tom Coughlin, decided not to pick up the fifth year option on his rookie deal. And even went so far as to publicly challenge Fowler to stay out of trouble and play hard in 2018.

The NFL has already suspended Fowler for the opening game with the Giants due to his no contest plea to assault and battery charges stemming from a July 2017 altercation in a St. Petersburg apartment complex parking lot.

And now, you have what happened Sunday, where it wasn’t just a no-name offensive player having a problem with Fowler. It was a defensive teammate who is around him the meeting rooms, locker room, etc. more than anyone. That’s a real issue.

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