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Jaguars Calais Campbell was a straight up Prophet

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The celebration of the Jaguars’ 45-42 AFC Divisional playoff win at Pittsburgh Sunday continues on Monday and the euphoria will last for a long, long time. With all of the accolades coming the way of rookie RB Leonard Fournette (as they should be) and teammates, we found something quite compelling from eight days ago.

Arguably the most important acquisition of the Jaguars off season was defensive lineman Calais Campbell, who led the NFL much of the season in sacks and finished second with 14.5 of them and was named to the Pro Bowl.

Oh, and in addition to providing invaluable veteran leadership for young linemen like Dante Fowler and Yannick Ngakoue, Campbell is also something else….a Prophet.

No, we’re not talking one of those street preachers in the South standing on the corner with a bible raised in the air, predicting the end of civilization is near.

We’re talking a football “Prophet.”

Like last week, when after the Jaguars had won an ugly, and we mean really ugly, offensive slosh-fest 10-3 over Buffalo, Campbell was prophetic in a post game comment about the upcoming match-up with the Steelers.

Here’s the exchange with Tom Pelissero of and the NFL Network and observe the very last thing “Nostradamus” Campbell says about a final score:

Yes. You heard correctly. Campbell said 45-42, which as you likely know by now, was the exact score of the Jacksonville Divisional Playoff win Sunday at Heinz Field.

And, he said it seven days before it happened.

Campbell registered two tackles Sunday, but was part of a defensive line that had two sacks and 4.5 tackles for loss. They did give up some big plays defensively, but also made some as well.

This included the sack fumble touchdown caused by Ngakoue and returned 50 yards by Telvin Smith in the second quarter. And, two other occasions, where they stopped the Steelers on 4th down while driving deep into Jags territory.

It was far from the “2 Nuthin’ ” score Campbell mentioned first, but it’s still a win, the biggest win Jacksonville has had in 18 years.

And we’re still searching for what score Calais Campbell thinks will win the AFC Championship Game with the Patriots this week.

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