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Jaguars Boselli remains classy, understanding about latest Hall of Fame snub

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Another Saturday night of Super Bowl weekend and another Hall of Fame bypass for Jaguars legendary left tackle Tony Boselli. However, credit the mammoth Boselli for this: he remains gracious and philosophical, even through the disappointment about his possible chances of getting in.

Boselli spoke exclusively with in Atlanta, shortly after learning that as one of the 15 finalists, he was not inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, yet again.

“It’s disappointing. It’s been three years in a row, now,” Boselli chuckled. “I thought this was the last time…. All of those guys (the five modern ones selected Saturday) are great players. You can make an argument for every one of them….You sit back and try to be thankful to be part of the process.”

Boselli makes reference to the fact that it’s the third year in a row that he’s essentially had to do the “losers interview” on not getting tabbed by the Hall of Fame selectors.

We made the case earlier in the week that Boselli does have a very strong argument not only from his Jaguars career, but the fact that, the voters set a very interesting recent precedent by putting Broncos running back Terrell Davis in the Hall two years ago. This is with Davis’ having a stellar career cut short by injury.

Further, Boselli had every bit the resume’ as Orlando Pace, the former number one overall pick of the St Louis Rams shortly after Boselli was taken by the Jaguars in the 1990s. While Pace had a longer career, he didn’t have that much more in terms of accomplishment, except having gone to the Super Bowl twice and winning one.

And maybe, that is something that is being held against Boselli. Although, you can hardly say that having gone to an AFC Championship Game, as the Jags did early on in his career, isn’t a significant accomplishment.

Further, with Boselli having only played five years in the 90’s and still being named that decade’s best left tackle by the football writers, that speaks volumes too.

Further complicating things, was last year’s class that included first time players on the ballot like Randy Moss Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher. They all got in with the necessary votes. Same thing in 2019 for Ed Reed, Tony Gonzalez and Champ Bailey.

Still, the fact that Pace is already in and also, another left tackle, Jonathan Ogden former offensive tackle of the Ravens got in too, there likely will be continued momentum for Boselli to eventually get the necessary 75% votes.

Boselli concluded the interview with something that is very realistic and profound. You truly don’t know the timing and there are numerous players that have waited a long time for the call to come. And for some, it never comes.

Still the sentiment, including from those voting in the room has to be: that Boselli is one of the strongest candidates over the course of the last few years. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been a finalist the last three times.

For now, it will be another 52 weeks to wait and find out, if the Jags pillar lineman will get the call next year in Miami just before Super Bowl 54?

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