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Jags QB Blake Bortles has regressed…what’s going on?

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Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

For those in North Florida who are going to pay attention to Jags-Titans on Thursday Night football (after all, it is Florida-Georgia weekend in Jacksonville), the biggest topic is: what has happened to Blake Bortles?

Clearly, the play on the field has lacked most Sundays, including this past one against the Raiders where he was just over 50% passing with 2 more ints, giving him nine on the year. There really has been only one game, London against the Colts, where Bortles played well for most of it and didn’t have an interception. That’s right, the other five games he has at least one pick.

But most evident and damning coming out of Sunday to those have been watching coaches game tape, etc. is  glaring examples that he’s missing open guys, throwing it to obviously covered guys (like a toss into triple coverage in the endzone for an INT Sunday), and more importantly, mechanical things like this:

That doesn’t need a lot explanation, other than to say it’s obviously poor fundamental “wind up” technique. And, it’s contributing to Bortles not being able to complete passes, especially downfield.

The Jags clearly have talent on their offense. Yes, the O-Line isn’t tremendous, but a lot of teams in the NFL have to deal with and overcome that component with coaching, game plan, adjustments, etc. Jacksonville isn’t doing much of any of that to show improvement in their offense.

Back to Bortles and the air attack or lack thereof. He’s got to be smarter with decision making and Thursday night he’ going against a pretty average Titans pass D that just surrendered a 353 yard 3 TD pass day to Andrew Luck and a below average Colt O-Line.

There’s no excuse for he and the Jags to not have some effectiveness throwing the ball in Nashville. We’ll see.

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