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Jags introduced new QB Foles Thursday- still spinning keeping Bortles

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There was definitely a “two-track story” on Thursday, as the Jaguars introduced their new quarterback Nick Foles. However, at the same time also tried to defend having given Blake Bortles an extension last year only to have it all unravel with his release.

First, on track one, Foles was all smiles with VP of football, Tom Coughlin and Coach Doug Marrone, as they met with the media after agreeing on a four-year massive contract on Wednesday.

Clearly, the Jaguars believe that got someone that can ignite their offense and make them back into a playoff team which they were in 2017. And, Coughlin in particular, wanted to make sure that Jaguars fans understood why it was Foles, specifically, being brought in to run their offense:

And some specifics were revealed on Foles contract Thursday afternoon to. We now know that the former Eagles backup got $25 million to sign with a fully guaranteed additioanl $15 million salary for 2020, too. And that’s definitely a commitment.

Then, there was the other track on Thursday and you could say it was “back – tracking.” More or less, it was Coughlin and the Jaguars trying to distance themselves from having given Bortles a huge raise and extension last February after their playoff run.

Jacksonville had believed then in their former number one pick and set his contract up, so that it would be “very uncap friendly,” if they had to get rid of him in the first two years.

And low and behold, Bortles unraveled in the middle of the 2018 season, and he had to be benched because of his and the offense’s ineptitude. And the worst news for the Jags cap? He’s going to cost them more than $16 million in dead money, even after being released.

That left Coughlin trying to spin that decision as well, too.

“Why? Because it was the right thing to do. The guy took us to the AFC Championship Game and there wouldn’t have been anybody that would have disputed the fact that he deserved the opportunity. And, we played well behind him and our defense played well. What we did at that point in time was try to again fortify our team around him.”

Still, it was a huge risk with a QB that had been inconsistent at best and it clearly blew it, like many predicted.

So, now we see if Nick Foles can in fact lead the Jaguars the same way that he did the Eagles in the last two postseasons, particularly.

However, it’s not unfair to question that the same regime’ that was touting Bortles 13 months ago, is now touting Foles, as the quick fix savior the Jacksonville needs.

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