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Is Dez Bryant ready to sit some more or just negotiating?

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He is the most prominent free agent still sitting out there, and it looks like, for now, Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant is willing to play the waiting game.

His obvious and very public flirtation with the Cleveland Browns, that even included him being part of last week’s HBO “Hard Knocks” episode, has apparently cooled. The Browns are ready to wrap up the preseason and set their final 53-man roster this weekend.

And, even after a season-ending knee injury to wide receiver Marqise Lee Saturday night in the Jaguars preseason game with the Falcons, at the moment it doesn’t appear that the Jags have much interest in bringing the eight year veteran former Cowboys star in.

And then, there was late Monday night on social media where Bryant decided to relay some of his feelings and game plan for signing with any team:

Bryant posted that he was needing to “take care of me first,”  and that it might be “a lil bit later in the year.. we will see” before he agrees with a team.

Then, when a random “Twitter Troll” accused Bryant of sounding desperate, he fired back quickly and revealed something else:

“I can sign before the season start.. if I don’t.. I will make less money which more likely to happen,” Bryant tweeted.

That’s obviously in reference to Cleveland and that he has at least an offer on the table from the Browns. Yet, Bryant is weighing taking less money to be on a better team, once the real season starts.

Maybe that team is Jacksonville?

As we have written over the last couple of days, the Jaguars do have 11 million dollars or so under their salary cap at the moment with their final cuts and 53-man roster coming.

Again, there’s been no outward indication that the Jags have serious interest in Bryant. However, it’s undeniable that VP of Football, Tom Coughlin, got a “belly full” of watching Dez Bryant do damage against his New York Giants year after year.

And it’s also undeniable that the Jaguars don’t have anyone on their roster that is a proven dynamic playmaker and reliable third down threat like what Bryant is. He will turn 30 in November but comes off a 2017 with 69 receptions with six TDs in Dallas.

And, he easily has two or three solid years left.

The main question is, does his production overshadow the selfishness and problems that he can cause in a locker room?

Maybe he is content to wait for the start of the season, or maybe this is the Dez Bryant leverage play to get a deal done with Cleveland or someone else this week?

We are about to find out.

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