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Guess who has toughest ticket so far for “Wildcard Weekend?”

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The heightened excitement is building for Sunday’s first home playoff game in Jacksonville, since January of 2000. So much so, that the toughest ticket to get on the secondary market belongs to…. the Jaguars fans.

StubHub, the premier ticket destination for buying and re-selling tickets to events, games, etc. has the listings up for the four match-ups this weekend. And here’s the latest (as of 2 p.m. Tuesday) on their pricing to get tickets for the Chiefs, Rams, Jaguars and Saints home games.

First, the Chiefs are hosting the Titans and currently, you can get into Arrowhead Stadium for just $45. That’s for a third level seat for the AFC Wildcard game Saturday afternoon. And it’s very reasonable.

Meanwhile, the Rams are hosting the Falcons in an NFC Wildcard showdown on Saturday night at the L.A. Coliseum, which hasn’t seen a Rams home playoff game since the NFC Championship game in 1978. Currently, the massive Coliseum, which could hold 90,000 in expanded seating, has tickets in it’s 200 (mid) level for just $80. For Los Angeles? Not bad.

The Sunday second NFC Wildcard game in New Orleans has the Saints hosting the Panthers in the Mercedes Benz Superdome. The cheapest “get in” ticket is in the 300 level and is $83, as of Tuesday afternoon. Also, a good deal.

And that leaves, …..

The Jaguars AFC Wildcard Game with the Bills at Everbank Stadium Sunday. Now with the further understanding that Buffalo has not been in the playoffs for the last 17 years, themselves, that means Bills fans will be looking to be part of this history , too. And, the Stub Hub market is dictating that even early in the week, it’s gonna be a tough/expensive ticket.

The current cheapest ticket is: $270!

And, that is for the “Standing Room Only” sections in the end zones.

We knew there was serious demand in North Florida, when the Jaguars petitioned the NFL to take the tarps off seats in the upper level of the stadium last week. Then they sold the 3,500 tickets available last Friday morning in under 10 minutes online.

However, more than three times the price than for the other games and for S.R.O.? That’s wild.

Again, these tickets will likely go up and down over the next few days. That’s the nature of the secondary market.

Then again, if it’s already that high for “Standing Room Only” for Sunday in Jacksonville, it’s a good bet that the price for an actual seat at Everbank will stay above $250 until game time. We’ll see.

Pretty amazing that “Jaguars Playoff Fever” has their ticket price out in front, by that much.

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