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“Good Morning Football” hosts tout Bucs, Jaguars as bounce back teams

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It’s only February, and we don’t even know who the free agents are, much less, the draft picks for the 32 teams that will play the 2019 NFL season? However, on the Wednesday morning edition of “Good Morning Football,” the popular NFL Network Morning Show, their hosts wasted no time in weighing in with two state NFL teams that they believe are destined to turn it around this year.

The show topic was going “worst-to-first in 2019,” and co-hosts Kyle Brandt and former Seahawks and Lions receiver and kick returner Nate Burleson both propped up the Buccaneers and then, the Jaguars:

Of his reasoning why the Buccaneers would turn around from 5 and 11 to a first place can’t ending NFC South team, Brant said:

“We know the Bruce Arians ‘Mt. Rushmore of Quarterbacks.’ I feel this is like the old detective. That, ‘one last job.’ Guy can fix Jameis (Winston) to his full potential. You know they’re crazy talented. They always have been….I think there’s opportunity in the NFC South, especially with Cam (Newton) banged up. Watch out for the Bucs.”

As for Burleson he wasted no time in saying with the Jaguars would bounce back:

“The Jaguars are picking 7th. If they don’t get Nick Foles in free agency, which some say could be the landing spot, what if they get a guy by the name of Kyler Murray? And he spices up that offense with Leonard Fournette who is trying to get himself back to where he needs to be. Also that defense is still there, one of the best in the business.”

Obviously, the Buccaneers are in a much better situation in that they have an established quarterback that Arians believes in, and there are passing weapons around Winston that have a chance to make the Bucs really good again offensively, like they were in 2018. Tampa Bay led the NFL with over 5,000 yards in total offense.

Meanwhile, the Jaguars have complete uncertainty at this point at quarterback, as Burleson alluded to, whether it’s going to be a free agent or a trade for a veteran or perhaps drafting someone like Murray, if he’s still there?

Further, there’s uncertainty around Fournette and whether or not he will ever live up to the potential and the flashes that we’re seeing in 2017, no matter who is the signal caller.

Still, these kind of debates are fun and there were at least a dozen teams that Brandt or Burleson could have picked instead of the Buccaneers and the Jaguars. And, for the record co-hosts Peter Schrager and M.J. Acosta took the Giants and the Raiders respectively, as two of those other teams Wednesday morning

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