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What does Garappolo mega deal mean for Bucs Winston and Jaguars QB situations?

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With Thursday afternoon’s news that the 49ers have gone ahead and broken the bank by giving Jimmy Garoppolo $137 million, immediately in Tampa and Jacksonville, their antennae had to go up.

That’s because the Buccaneers are about to have to make a decision on how much money to give former number one overall pick Jameis Winston on a new deal. And deals like this one are setting the market, for what the Bucs have to dole out.

And even though the Jaguars have the fifth year option on QB Blake Bortles, as we have written before, he does not appear to be their long-term solution.

Plus, you factor in that the Redskins will apparently let Kirk Cousins go to the free-agent market after trading for Alex Smith, and he will likely command $25 million or more per season on the open market, things just got even more expensive to get him.

This doesn’t take into account new contracts for NFC South stalwards Drew Brees of New Orleans ($19 million in 2017) who’s deal is up.  And, Matt Ryan of Atlanta, who’s entering the last year of his deal at $21.6 million.  Both of them were in line for new contracts, and likely before Winston gets his, as well.

Back to the 49ers deal with Garoppolo. We don’t know the specifics yet of what they gave him in terms of signing bonus or how much of the contract is guaranteed in the first three years? However, the safe assumption is at least half of it is going to be guaranteed.

So, if the Buccaneers do try to lock up Winston anytime during 2018, they likely are going to have to have $60 to 70 million guaranteed early to do it.

And let’s say the Jags do want Cousins in a bidding war this March, similarly, the $60-$80 million is definitely the barometer for the first three years of guaranteed money.

The numbers are wild and expensive.

And all of those guys can thank Garappolo winning his final five games in San Francisco at the end of 2017.

That solidified his huge deal in San Fran, now, for 2018.

And, those other QB’s upcoming deals, too.

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