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Debate for and against Jags Boselli for Hall of Fame intensifies

Florida Football Insiders



Once again this Saturday, former Jaguars legendary left tackle Tony Boselli is up for Hall of Fame inclusion. And, there is some debate among his peers about his accomplishments and place in history.

First, as Boselli has said, and it is correct, it is an honor to simply be a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, especially on multiple occasions like he has been. Boselli is back in the discussion room on Super Bowl weekend for the fourth straight year.

And, it is never easy when you’re looking at contemporaries of not only his own position, but what tremendous players at other positions are eligible as well? That includes this year’s class with the likes of Troy Polamalu and Reggie Wayne as finalists in their first year on the ballot.

Then on Wednesday, Hall of Fame defensive end Bruce Smith weighed in on Boselli’s candidacy and in particular greatness/longevity versus a player having a shorter successful career like Boselli did for the Jaguars:

Smith does have a point that if you are greater for longer you deserve more consideration. However, that’s on a case-by-case basis, and you must also factor in, if other offensive lineman that don’t have greater accomplishments than Boselli have already been put in? Then, the longevity argument holds less significance.

We made the case this time last year that Boselli does have a very strong argument not only from his Jaguars career, but the fact that, the voters set a very interesting recent precedent by putting Broncos running back Terrell Davis in the Hall two years ago. This is with Davis’ having a stellar career cut short by injury.

Further, Boselli had every bit the resume’ as Orlando Pace, the former number one overall pick of the St Louis Rams shortly after Boselli was taken by the Jaguars in the 1990s. While Pace had a longer career, he didn’t have that much more in terms of accomplishment, except having gone to the Super Bowl twice and winning one.

And maybe, that is something that is being held against Boselli? Although, you can hardly say that having gone to an AFC Championship Game, as the Jags did early on in his career, isn’t a significant accomplishment.

Further, with Boselli having only played five years in the 90’s and still being named that decade’s best left tackle by the football writers, that speaks volumes too.

Also it should be noted that Atlanta Falcons defensive end Chuck Smith, who tried to rush the QB against Boselli in the 90s, wrote a letter to the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters advocating tha Boselli he should be in.

Likewise, former Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor, who was voted in two years ago and who also went against the massive Boselli in his career, has been praising him and saying he’s worthy of induction this week.

There is no doubting or disputing that Boselli was a dominant left tackle for a short period of time.

And maybe, that’s a reason why he’s been held out to this point.

Now we wait to see what the 2020 voters think of his case versus that of other finalists and previous linemen they’ve put into the Hall.