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Ciganek- Telvin Smith right to speak out about Jaguars “culture”

Josh Ciganek



(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)

As teams head into week two of OTAs, things seem to be heating up in Jacksonville and it’s not just the weather. Fourth-year linebacker Telvin Smith spoke with the media Tuesday afternoon and sounded off about his feelings on where the team is currently.

Since Smith joined the team in 2014, the Jaguars have won only 11 games. This is a new feeling for Smith, who won 14 games and a national championship during his senior year at Florida State in 2013. He also won a state championship in high school as a junior, so the winning mentality is definitely there.

In previous years, Smith has done his best to rally the defense mid-season into turning the performance around. Doing this in the off-season, Smith hopes to get the defense in the right mentality and moving in the right direction for success. He obviously didn’t like what he’s seeing at OTAs.

He may only be a fourth-year player but Smith is the right guy to speak up and get this team motivated. With his previous successes in high school and college, Smith knows what mindset is needed to win and looks to bring that to this Jaguars defense that is loaded with talent.

Someone has to speak up and start changing the losing culture, and he decided to be that guy yesterday.

In the next few weeks of OTAs, do not be surprised if Smith’s opinions are backed and supported by his teammates and coaches. The Jaguars have a will to win and Smith will do everything he can to bring it out of those players.

Josh Ciganek is a young draft pick working his way up the depth chart on the F.F.I. roster, who enjoys watching and writing about all of Florida’s football teams.

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