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Brady talks Friday and now status for Sunday definitely in question

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For those who are wondering if too much is being made of how badly Tom Brady’s throwing hand is injured or not for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game with the Jaguars, here’s the simple truth:

If there wasn’t something significantly wrong with his right hand, and he was fine or good enough to play, he and the Patriots would have dispelled it. Today.

On Friday afternoon at his twice postponed news conference with the media, Brady did not.

In fact, he showed up wearing gloves to an inside news conference, including on his throwing right hand. And then, the questions began and so, too, the non-answers.

When asked directly about what happened to his hand, Brady quickly and “Belichick-ian-ly” repelled with “I’m not talking about it.”

You’re not talking about it?

When asked about how concerned he was about his status to play in the game with Jacksonville Sunday, the answer was just as brief and downplayed, “We’ll see.”

We’ll see?

Again, we interrupt the recap of the “non” answering portion of the news conference to remind those of you who think this is some conspiracy theory or gamesmanship by Brady, Belichick and the Patriots, that it’s silly to think that at this stage.

Why would a QB, his boss and the franchise that has won the Super Bowl two of the last three years and five of them overall, feel the need to “play games” about a “phantom injury” against an upstart inexperienced playoff opponent (the Jags) at home?

Simple answer, they have ZERO motive to do so.

Interesting, too, that throughout the news conference Brady left his right hand on the lectern in front of him where no one could see it, and gestured a couple of times with his gloved left hand.

So, obviously, Brady’s injury, whether it’s to his whole hand, or fingers ,or maybe more specifically a thumb injury that hit a helmet in the Wednesday practice, is a big deal.

Brady was asked Friday about wearing the gloves, especially on the right hand, to the news conference and rebuffed with “I have before.”

He was asked again, later during the news conference about the need to have his right hand gloved during the news conference and answered “She (Dianne Rossini of ESPN) already asked that.”

With that, the “non-answering” was over in Foxboro, MA.

So, now what?

There are still two days until Sunday afternoon and the kickoff at just after 3 p.m. Eastern with the Jaguars. If there’s a significant injury to Brady’s hand, thumb, etc. it’s likely that backup Brian Hoyer, who apparently did all the throwing the last two days at Patriots practice will get to play some or a bunch.

Then again, maybe Brady can play through whatever it is, too.

How effective will he be? No one can say right now, because we don’t even know what the injury specifically is.

Of course, news and info may leak later today or this weekend or leading up to kickoff on Sunday about Brady’s status. And then, we could learn the real truth.

“We’ll see.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mr. Bamboozaul

    January 19, 2018 at 2:55 pm

    Belicheat and golden boy are playing mind games with the jags. With their kryptonite on the other team Tom Coughlin, the Pats have to use the ole one gamesmanship , to keeping the jags in the dark like a mushroom.

    Forcing the jags to prepare for both Brady and Hoyer. It wouldn’t surprise me if Belicheat have conversations with Alabama Coach Nick saban, both from the same coaching tree of Bill Parcell, regarding the game plan that the Clemson Tide used against Georgia in the national championship game, which caught Georgia off guard and Ill prepared.

    I expect Brady to play and be at full strength to the surprise of the jags.

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