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Jacksonville Jaguars

AFC playoff picture-bye scenarios become clearer

Florida Football Insiders



Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars impressive victory Sunday over the Texans not only put them officially in the AFC Playoffs, but has them on the verge of much more.

Here’s the latest on the important scenarios headed into the final two weekends:

With the Titans loss at San Francisco later on Sunday, the Jaguars now are within one more win or one more Tennessee loss from clinching the AFC South and at least a home game in the playoffs.

The Jaguars play at the 49ers themselves next week. Tennessee hosts the NFC West leading Rams. And, the two teams will play head to head in Nashville on New Year’s Eve, which could be winner take all for the division. Or, the Jags could have the division wrapped up before that game kicks off.

With the Patriots dramatic and controversial win over the Steelers late Sunday evening, New England now, has the tiebreaker. And therefore, controls it’s own destiny to be the #1 seed and have homefield advantage in the AFC. The Pats host the Bills and the Jets in their final two games and will be heavily favored to defeat both to finish 13-3.

Meanwhile, the Steelers play at the Texans and the Browns,  who are both bad teams and have a chance to finish 13-3, also. If they do, they will be no worse than the #2 seed.

However, if they lose one of those games, and the Jags win both of their games, Jacksonville also holds a head to head tiebreaker over the Steelers from their October win. The Jags would then be the two seed and get the bye week one of the playoffs.

Obviously, the Jags could still lose both of their remaining games. If they do, and Tennessee wins both, the Titans will be the AFC South Champs by virtue of winning both games with Jacksonville.

In that case, the Jags will be battling the Bills and the Ravens for the #5 seed and we will wait for the NFL to come out with those tiebreakers later this week and next week, if all three teams finish 10-6.

Exciting times in Jacksonville for sure, and it gets more exciting, with another win or two potentially helping them a lot more. We’ll see.

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