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Jaguars WR Allen Robinson ready for “serious approach” in 2017

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Way back in the summer, long around the start of training camp, a lot of NFL insiders and outsiders alike thought the Jaguars might have the kind of season the Falcons wound up having in 2016.

For some reason, despite their 5-11 record the year before, many thought the Jaguars were poised for a breakout year. All the Jaguars did, though, was break their fans hearts.

That’s why wide receiver Allen Robinson spent Super Bowl week walking Radio Row, and you can tell from the comments he made to the Jaguars official website there that he wasn’t happy about it.

“I’m unfortunately used to it,’’ Robinson said of spending Super Bowl week on the sidelines. “I’d much rather be playing than going through the media row aspects of it, but it is what it is.’’

It is indeed, but you know what, it’s encouraging that a key player such as Robinson is getting sick and tired of spending Super Bowl week touring the media lounge.

The Jags could use a few more players who feel that way, and it seems Robinson might agree, because one thing he said during his media tour this week is that a culture change is needed in Jacksonville.

“That’s something we need,’’ the third year pro said. “We have to (be about) business and about changing this thing. If we really want to change this thing, we have to have a serious approach about it.

“From talking to the guys, that’s something everyone is serious about. And that starts now. Every day we set foot in that facility – to work out, to get treatment, whatever – it’s all about business.’’

Quite a refreshing comment. The good news of course is that Tom Coughlin, the Jags new executive vice president for football operations, is a no-nonsense, all-business kind of guy, as is new coach Doug Marrone.

That’s not to suggest that former coach Gus Bradley was not. It’s clear, though, that things didn’t work out as well with Bradley in charge as everyone hoped and so there’s new hope with Coughlin and Marrone.

And already there’s a new atmosphere inside the building, according to Robinson, who says Marrone is already making life “uncomfortable’’ for the players, which is something he says the players need.

“I think that’s what Doug brings,” Robinson said. “We’ve been back in the weight room, not doing a crazy amount, but getting back in the rhythm of things. That’s what we’re looking forward to.

“We’ve been there talking about it, and it’s time to show up and let our play speak for itself. We have to hone in on the details, and when I say details, I mean as far as being a cohesive unit.’’

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