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Jaguars will head to Houston uncertain of when they can return

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It’s ironic, but after a previous week of wondering if their opening game in Houston would be played there or somewhere else due to a Hurricane, it’s now another Hurricane that may keep the Jaguars from being able to return.

First, we wrote about how Hurricane Harvey and it’s massive rainfall flooded the Houston area and jeopardized the Texans hosting Jacksonville this Sunday. Ultimately, the NFL and the Texans decided that they game will be played at NRG Stadium, as scheduled.

And, we now know that Hurricane Irma is threatening the state of Florida and with it scheduled to make landfall Sunday, it could very well greatly affect the Jacksonville area, not only Sunday night but into the first few days of next week.

Typcially, an NFL team would return by charter aircraft Sunday evening from an early (1 p.m. eastern) road game and arrive somewhere in the window of 8-10 p.m.

The good news is that it’s a charter and it can go where it’s needed, when it’s needed to land the team safely. The bad news is, the Jacksonville airport could hypothetically by closed, etc.

With that written, the Jaguars announced Friday afternoon that will remain in Houston after the game and assess, when it’s safe to come back.

Needless to say, it’s not ideal for the Jaguars players, coaches, staff, etc. to be leaving with Irma bearing down on the state Sunday, but they and everyone else has had time to evacuate leading up to Sunday. And, it will be something that will weigh on the minds of the team, while get ready to play the Texans in the opener.

Of course, if any team can identify, it’s the Texans, as they were displaced North in Dallas for several days by Harvey, themselves.

So, as it stands, the Jags head to the “Lone Star State” to start 2017 with two Hurricanes and their aftermaths on everyone’s minds.

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