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Jaguars want to spice up coach search? Here’s a name…Rex Ryan

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As they go through the motions for the final two weekends in Jacksonville to finish out yet another disappointing season, there is speculation about just who would even entertain coming into the 5-6 year “train wreck” that the Jags have been.

We at F.F.I. know there is the easy “Just re-hire Coughlin” narrative that has been out there the whole second half of the season. And obviously, he has a warm place in hardcore Jags fan’s heart for leading them to great success in the 90’s and early 2000’s. He also has two Lombardi trophies in the case from his Giants days.

But let’s get real, the Jags are two years away from being back into respectability, and that’s if, IF, they hire the right guy this time. Is that right guy a 70 year old militaristic “old school” type of coach? Or while trying to figure it out, would you rather have other more entertaining proven options.

Sure the Jags could go the “coordinator who’s never been a head coach” route, again. And, that didn’t work in the least with Gus Bradley.

Could they lure a big time college coach who’s previously been in the NFL to come clean it up? Not really. Harbaugh? Mora Jr.? Not happening. 

So, what about a name that would definitely raise eyebrows. A name who has been in the playoffs (including the AFC Championship Game twice in the last 10 years) with the Jets. A name that after being fired in the Big Apple has now turned the Bills into a respectable product. They were 8-8 a year ago and eliminated Ryan’s old Jets team from playoff hopes with a win in week 17 last year.

The name is…..Rex Ryan.

It looks as though the new owners in Buffalo want to rid themselves of Ryan and his theatrics off the field and hire their own guy. This would make him available, again and there would be other suitors.

But here’s where Jacksonville makes a lot of sense:

Ryan and his twin brother Rob are descendants of Buddy Ryan’s physical defenses of the 80’s and 90’s and he’s had repeated success with that as a coordinator and now head coach. And, there is no disputing that with guys like Dante Fowler, Myles Jack, Jalen Ramsey, etc. there is a lot of young undeveloped talent ready to be coached up.

Bottom line, his Raven, Jet and now Bills D’s want to play for him. That’s a good thing.

Also, Jacksonville, like Buffalo, is small market with little in the way of confrontational media and Rex would be a media darling on arrival, anyway. Perfect for him.

There is also talent on offense, although the QB position has to be addressed and fixed. Obviously, his offensive coordinator hire would be key, as well, as bringing in a dynamic QB either from college or free agency/trade. (Romo anyone?)

Will the Bills pull the trigger? Would “Sexy Rexy” want the job in the first place?

No one knows for sure, but if he is interested, and you are Shad Khan, you would definitely be putting jalepenos on your vanilla ice cream with a “proven fixer upper in the short term,” Rex Ryan and energize the fan base.

You have to at least try.

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