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Jaguars stay in Houston and wonder when/where they’ll play Titans

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Still riding high after a decisive  29-7 win over the Texans Sunday, the Jaguars remained displaced in Houston Monday, while assessment and cleanup continued in North Florida after Hurricane Irma.

First, the Jags announced that they believe that they will be able to return on Tuesday, when the Jacksonville airport is scheduled to re-open.

But for Monday, it was anything but business as usual, as the Jags watched game tape of their win in meeting rooms of their Houston hotel. Then, players even got in an a workout at an unusual place:

Yes, we probably could make a good reference to “The Village People” and the Y-M-C-A, but alas, due to the circumstances with Irma that put the Jags there, we will refrain.

Now, onto the next important question: when, and maybe where, will Jacksonville play the Tennessee Titans?

It is a game scheduled for Sunday at 1 p.m. at Everbank Field, but with flooding and cleanup commencing early in the week, there is concern that the game may not be able to be played Sunday early. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t an option to keep it in Jacksonville.

Realistically, and there is precedence with previous natural disasters, etc., is the game could be played as a second Monday night game on September 18th. The Giants are already hosting the Lions next week, but the Jags and Titans could be added to it.

Next, as we wrote about extensively a couple of weeks ago regarding the Texans opener with the Jaguars, this time the NFL could “flip-flop” the Jaguars and Titans home games.

The initial concern that would probably nix the flip flop, is it means the Jaguars would have to play four of their first five games on the road. Also, in the switch, the Jags would get a New Year’s Eve home game with Tennessee in the 17th week of the season. And, that game could be meaningless, at the very end of the season.

Whereas, there is rare hype for the Jaguars to play this game at home some point this weekend.

Look for owner Shad Khan and the Jags to hold out for that, as long as possible.

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