Jacksonville Jaguars

Jaguars say Branden Albert is retired

Photo by Icon Sportswire

The now soap opera-like story of Jaguars tackle Branden Albert has taken another turn, as the team took to social media Tuesday morning to respond to reports that the player wants to “un-retire.”

Here’s the Jags via Twitter:

There was then this brief follow up of tweets by one of their P.R. folks:

And then, most curious of all:

So, head coach Doug Marrone, G.M. David Caldwell and the de-facto head of it all who’s actually making this decision, Tom Coughlin won’t be answering any questions about why Albert wanted to comeback, and/or if they would entertain trading him to another team.

This after Albert is obviously wanting to still play and collect his almost $9 million salary this year.

Why do we not believe that this is the end and that we won’t be hearing something more from both sides?

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