Jaguars remain undecided on whether to pick up 5th-year option on QB Bortles contract


The Jaguars are going back to the basics with quarterback Blake Bortles. And we mean that literally.

Jags coach Doug Marrone told the Florida Times Union last week that part of the team’s offseason plan is to rebuild Bortles “foundation.’’

Just how committed the Jags are to that re-building project is still rather hard to know, though.

Michael DiRocco of reported Friday that the Jags still have not decided whether to pick up the fifth-year option on Bortles contract.

Now, the Jags have until May 3 to make that $18 million call, so there’s still plenty of time to make a decision.

But you would think that if the Jags were all in on Bortles that they would have already made up their minds and moved on.

The fact they haven’t further suggests the Jaguars are going to go quarterback hunting in the upcoming draft.

They may not draft one in the first round, fourth overall, but you can all but bet they’re going to draft one somewhere, possibly in the second.

That would be a good place to grab a developmental quarterback but what kind of shape would that leave the Jaguars in?

With the team looking to rebuild his foundation, Bortles has been left as more or less a developmental player himself.

That’s a tough spot for Bortles to be in, but there’s no denying his game is in need of some drastic repairs.

His mechanics were a mess last year, so you can’t blame the Jags for wanting to start from scratch with him.

Nor can you can blame them for waiting to see if they can find a potential replacement before further committing to him.

After all, it’s been four years now and Bortles has yet to make a difference. Why would anyone think that Year 5 would be the charm?

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