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Jaguars pick up fifth-year option on QB Bortles contract

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Perhaps the biggest question being asked of the Jacksonville Jaguars new brass this offseason has finally been answered.

The Jags have picked up the fifth-year option on quarterback Blake Bortles contract, per Adam Schefter of ESPN:

That moved seemed inevitable after the Jags failed to add a quarterback in free agency or the draft but now it is all but official.

What still seems unclear, though, is just how committed the Jags are to Bortles. We all know that general manager Dave Caldwell is committed to him. Caldwell drafted Bortles third overall out of UCF in 2014 and reaffirmed that commitment over the weekend.

But Tom Coughlin, the Jags new executive vice president of football operations, has done nothing more than acknowledge Bortles’ presence on the Jaguars roster since he took over his new post and he refused to even talk about Bortles when asked this past weekend about him.

It seems Coughlin simply doesn’t want to endorse a player he’s still not sure of and that makes sense. No one has turned the ball over more since Bortles came to the league than Bortles, who has coughed it up 63 times overall, including throwing 51 interceptions.

We wrote yesterday that there is no excuse left for Bortles in terms of skill position weapons after this draft.

The Jags actions the last few hours, days and weeks suggest that they or someone in their midst, must see something better in Bortles than they see in all the other quarterbacks that have been available to them, because he’s the one they’ve decided to go with.

At least for now.


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