Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell Exposing the Chaos With the Franchise

(Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire)


In the press conference on Monday afternoon with Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell kind of proved what we already suspected with regards to the Jaguars franchise, it’s one that operates out of chaos. Take a look at some of the quotes from Caldwell with regards to Gus Bradley and Blake Bortles.

“Gus Bradley would have been fired even if Jaguars won Houston game”

Wait what? Did Bradley know this fate was inevitable? It seems he was surprised by the move, or at least the timing of it. If that’s the case, why not wait until the end of the season? Or do it earlier in the season when everyone suspected it to happen?

What about the future of QB Blake Bortles? Here’s Caldwell’s take in the video from the presser below:

So that’s somewhat committal to Bortles. Of course he drafted Bortles in the first round of the 2014 draft so he’s kind of on the hook for that. It will be interesting to see what the next head coach thinks of Bortles and what kind of input Caldwell well have on whether or not Bortles sticks around.

So far the management under Caldwell has been shaky. He’s the one who hired Gus Bradley, well that didn’t work out. He’s the one who drafted Bortles in the first round and it isn’t working out as of yet. How long will Shad Khan stick with Caldwell as GM? These are the types of things that chaotic franchises have to deal with.

For the next two games this team is Doug Marrone’s problem. Wonder if he will be on the short list for coaches Caldwell will look at. Who knows at this point. We do know that Caldwell did say that he’s interested in talking to former head coach Tom Coughlin.  Now that would be an interesting yet well received hire.


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