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Should the Jaguars give Bortles and first team a series Thursday night?

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Blake Bortles is once again starting for the Jacksonville Jaguars. So, everything us settled and we can get the season started, correct?

Not quite yet. With one more preseason game left to play could we see Blake and the rest of the number one guys on the field? Should we?

Bortles has been anything but consistent leading up to this point. On the contrary, though we have heard rumblings of Bortles looking in practice, again, the best he has in a while.

So, do the Jags try to ride some of that momentum for one or two drives on Thursday? Coach Doug Marone didn’t rule it out Tuesday afternoon. Plus, it’s no secret that the offensive line hasn’t performed the best and not up to the coaching or their personal standards. They still need work.

Rookie Running back Leonard Fournette has stated he wants to play, but the safer bet is to save him for week one vs. Houston.

So, when you add these ingredients up, it is not in favor for Bortles to play Thursday night in Atlanta.

Best case scenario is Bortles leads your team to a touchdown drive and have momentum going into week one.

Worst case scenario though, is someone important gets injured. Or, Blake throws a pick 6 and all of the sudden your QB position goes right back into question.

The Jags should ride this new-found momentum in practice for now where they still go up against a solid defensive unit every day.

Let your “ones” gather more rest and get ready to go to battle in a game that counts September 10th.

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