The Jaguars Get Their First Win

(Photo by Ricky Swift/Icon Sportswire)


The Jacksonville Jaguars flew into London this week at 0-3 and as a team searching for their identity. Head coach Gus Bradley was sitting on a seat that was on fire, so for him personally this was a must win game if he wanted to remain employed. Clearly the sense of urgency for the Jags was on display on Sunday morning, because they showed up to play knocking of the Colts 30-27.

It wasn’t a lights out performance by QB Blake Bortles, but it was certainly solid and effective. Borltes threw for 207 yards and two scores and also ran one in. This was a game that the Jags controlled throughout, scoring first and never giving up the lead, despite several threats from the Colts. 

The defense played about as well as you can against Andrew Luck, keeping him below 250 yards passing and forcing an interception. This is the type of win that ought to give a team that probably was the best 0-3 team on paper going into the games this week some type of confidence moving forward. We shall see. But for now, the Jags get their first win, Gus Bradley is still gainfully employed and all is right in the world…for now.

The Jaguars Get Their First Win
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