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Jaguars Church: “We have more talent than the Cowboys”

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Boy, the Jaguars sure are a talkative bunch. The newest members of the team are at least.

First it was incoming defensive end Calais Campbell backing Malik Jackson’s claim that the Jaguars will not only make it to Super Bowl LII, but win it.

Now, it’s incoming safety Barry Church saying that the culture in Jacksonville is virtually the same as it was when he was in Dallas and that the Jaguars are actually more talented than the Cowboys.

“The culture is pretty much the same (in Jacksonville as in Dallas),” Church said in a transcript released by the team. “We have a real close group like we did in Dallas.

“We had a real close group, but I was just a little bit younger when I was in Dallas. I feel like we have a lot more talent than we did over there. We just have to keep plugging away and get ready for Week 1.’’

Wow. That’s quite a mouthful. The truth of the matter is, Church may not be wrong. After all, the Jaguars are a pretty talented group, especially on the defensive side of the ball.

No one’s picking them to win the Super Bowl, of course, at least not outside of Jackson and Campbell and maybe a few other Jags who we haven’t heard from yet. But they are talented.

What the Jags need to do of course is prove they’re more talented by winning games when it matters the most, but Church believes the Jaguars will be prepared to do just that when the season starts.

The reason, he said, is because a typical training camp workout, which Church has now been through two of, is a lot more “demanding’’ in Jacksonville than it ever was in Dallas.

“It is a lot more demanding (in Jacksonville),’’ Church said of the workouts. “A lot more periods. I think we had about 18 today. Back on my old team, we probably had about 12 or something like that.

“Like coach said, there are a lot of new players in here. The coaching staff is trying to figure out who fits where. We need a lot of periods, and we need all that to get the chemistry down.’’

Comments like that make you wish the Jaguars were getting ready, at least in part, for to play the Cowboys at some point this year. Alas, the Cowboys are not on the Jaguars schedule.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t meet in the Super Bowl. After all, according to Jackson and Campbell, the Jags are going to be there. It’s just a matter of who it is they’re going to be playing.

Some do believe that could be the Cowboys. And hey, if they can somehow prove to be a little more talented than Church believes they are, maybe they can prove those prognosticators right.

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