Could the Jacksonville Jaguars Sign Colin Kaepernick?

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With the NFL Draft already in the rear view mirror teams are starting to asses what they need to do in order to get their roster ready for the pre season. Sure we are several months away, but there are still a few free agents who have yet to sign with a team. One of those free agents is QB Colin Kaepernick.

On the surface singing Kaepernick doesn’t seem to make the most sense for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team recently signed the fifth year option on Blake Bortles.  They also have Chad Henne as a back up. However the moves the team made in the off season, show how serious the franchise is in regards to competing. They were very aggressive in free agency, retooling an already effective defense to at least on paper make it look like one of the league’s best defense. In the draft they picked up RB Leonard Fournette to try to stimulate a stagnant rushing offense from last year.

Picking up the fifth year for Bortles doesn’t guarantee that the team is locked into their current starter for a long time. All it means is that they have him through 2018. Technically speaking if he doesn’t light up the stat sheet and bring the team to the playoffs, the franchise doesn’t even have the obligation to start him. Brining in a veteran like Kaepernick would make a lot of sense.

What Kap would bring to the table is a veteran attitude with at least some playoff experience. It’s hard to imagine he’s really a negative distraction to teams, considering while NFL Teams were busy drafting guys with domestic abuse records, Kaepernick was giving away suits in front of a parole office in NYC to help ex-cons transition back into society. So the narrative that Kaepernick is a distraction at this point is losing it’s steam (Assuming he was actually distraction in the first place, which is questionable at best).

They also can get Kaepernick on the relative cheap and get a quality back up. Let’s face it Chad Henne doesn’t exactly scream playoff QB. Let’s say Bortles gets hurt or isn’t performing up to where the team wants him. The Jags would have a veteran QB, who can step in and at least add some pizzazz. He also is going to have a lot more weapons in Jacksonville than he did in San Francisco last season. That 49er offense was probably one of the most pathetic rosters you can find. Even with that Kaepernick was still one of the highest rated QBs in the league.

It’s pretty clear the NFL teams don’t consider Kaepernick a franchise QB. That said he’s better than several starters in the NFL, certainly is a more capable back up. He’s a well respected member of the community, despite what his detractors say, who really at this point have zero moral leg to stand on. They get a security blanket in a veteran QB if Bortles becomes shaky or hurt. Also and perhaps most importantly, Jacksonville isn’t considered a harsh media market so even the slightest concept of Kaepernick’s “distractions” won’t stir up too much controversy down there.

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