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Where is and why haven’t we heard from Lawrence Timmons?

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Parts of the mystery surrounding the disappearance last Saturday night of Dolphins new LB Lawrence Timmons have been solved.

However, five days later, two important questions still remain: Where is Timmons? And what is his explanation for his disappearance and now, indefinite suspension?

First, we know that head coach Adam Gase has repeatedly maintained this week that he hasn’t talked to, much less met with, Timmons, since he went AWOL from the team’s Southern California hotel Saturday night. And according to TMZ, he was found by the LAPD and airport authorities at LAX Sunday morning trying to board a plane for Pennsylvania.

No one has confirmed that part of the mystery, either.

Gase repeated the same narrative Thursday before practice to the media of “he’s taking the steps to make it back” off his suspension.

However, no one with the Dolphins or Timmons has confirmed his whereabouts, much less what is truly going on.

We don’t even know at this point, if Timmons traveled back with the team to Miami or if he didn’t even come back to Miami at all, after missing the game?

Fellow teammate and defensive captain Ndamukong Suh, spoke Thursday about having empathy for the situation and that he’s been trying to reach Timmons, but his phone is off right now. He added to the Palm Beach Post, “Right now, from my understanding – and I don’t know everything – I think he’s in good hands.”

That’s the thing, no one knows. Or if they do know, they are reluctant to publicize it.

Is Timmons contemplating retiring? Our Roy Cummings theorized that earlier this week.

That would explain some of  his behavior. But, if that were the case, it likely would have leaked out to the media in the last five days, and it’s also something that the team would more than likely would be a little more assertive and forthcoming with, themselves.

You could easily picture Gase saying, “we’re not sure if he wants to play football anymore and he’s got to decide that quickly” or something to that effect.

Hasn’t happened.

Instead, we at F.F.I. also put it out there that Timmons could be having a psychological situation. We won’t speculate how serious, but that would explain the national reporting on Sunday, when he was found, that Timmons “would be meeting with a doctor.”

That doctor could very well be a psychologist trying to help Timmons get over whatever is going on. This would also explain the Miami franchise protecting his privacy in discussing it and the stonewalling of details.

Again, and most curiously, not only has Timmons not spoken up, or even gotten privately with any of his new or old teammates to re-assure them, but Timmons’ agent is mute, too.

And for notorious publicity seeker/spin master Drew Rosenhaus, it’s unusual for him to say nothing for just one day about a client of his in a controversy, much less going on five days, now.

This leads us to believe that the psychiatric angle has credibility.

Will Timmons be back with the Dolphins? Does he have a legitimate explanation?

We don’t know.

Maybe, we will soon.

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