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With positive marijuana test, is Antonio Callaway out of chances?

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No one has ever disputed that former Gators WR Antonio Callaway is talented, and now there’s no disputing that he’s a dumb as you can possibly be, if he wants to be drafted this weekend.

Breaking, but not that surprising, news on a Tuesday night regarding the latest “red flag” for Callaway:

The new agent, Kawa, is trying to spin the “diluted sample” argument from Callaway’s positive test at the NFL Scouting Combine. However, the NFL and it’s drug testing experts have remained consistently clear in recent years that a sample that is diluted is considered to be an automatic positive test.

That’s because the experts have advised the league that those trying to get away with smoking marijuana have begun to attempt to sabatoge’ the test by drinking so much fluid/water before they know the test is coming that it will cheat the results.

This was a similar argument being made a year ago, when Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers also had a diluted sample at the combine, which the NFL informed teams was the same as a positive test. Peppers, who had been projected as a top 10 pick, ended up going 25th to the Cleveland Browns.

Back to Callaway, as we wrote earlier this off season, his checkered past includes him being suspended for the entire 2017 college football season at Florida after his involvement in a credit card scandal.

And after he was eventually charged with a felony for his involvement, Callaway was never re-instated by then coach Jim McElwain or interim coach at the end of the year, Randy Shannon. Callaway in January declared early for the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft.

There were already serious questions about whether Callaway, who has size and speed, was going to be a mid or late round pick.

For example, draft analyst Charlie Campbell of Walter, hadn’t even ranked Callaway in his top 20 wide receiver rankings (he was 28th). And, he believed then, pre diluted sample positive test, that Callaway wasn’t going to go before at least the fourth round of the draft.

Now, it’s highly likely, that a guy who could have been a first round pick without the trouble, would only be drafted if it’s will be a “flier type pick” in the sixth or seventh round. Or, he will probably go un-drafted.

Again, you shake your head and wish you sit in front of Callaway to ask, “With all your trouble that got you suspended at Florida for the season, was it worth it to smoke marijuana before the top NFL evaluation in February?”

We all know the answer.

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