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Gators become latest SEC school to pay assistants absurdly

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The University of Florida released their salaries for their new coaching staff for the upcoming 2018 and the word that we keep coming back to is “absurd.”

With the full understanding that the SEC has basically become out of control with what they are paying not only head coaches, but assistants, it’s still eye opening to see what’s being distributed.

First, this is America and God love and don’t begrudge anyone for getting the money that they can. But, when coordinators in the SEC are being paid more than head coaches make in non-Power Five leagues? This is silliness.

Like for example, when confirmation came that LSU was now going to pay it’s defensive coordinator, Dave Aranda an all time record $2 million for an assistant coach, the gasps were heard everywhere. Like, for example, the 85 Division One head coaches who don’t make $2 million.

Now, in Gainesville, new coach Dan Mullen has taken care of his whole staff. The figures released Tuesday show that he is making full utilization of $4.8 million this year, and wait for it, that money swells to $5.4 million next year.

The biggest windfall? Gators defensive coordinator Todd Grantham, who now will make $1.4 million in his first year bossing over the Gators D. Grantham had been with Mullen at Mississippi State last season and previously coordinating at Louisville and Georgia before that.

He also has built in raises for the next two years $100,000 each.

Mullen also has split offensive coordinators in Billy Gonzales and John Hevesy, and they will also split $1.15 million evenly for their 2018 salaries.  Those salaries increase to $600,00 each for 2019.

How did it get this out of control? Simply, the SEC, more than any other conference, has a “river” of television and other revenue now flowing into the conference and therefore to the schools.

In fact, in figures released earlier this year, each school received $40.9 million total revenue in 2017 from the t.v. deals, bowl games, licensing, etc.

That’s how.

And once more, don’t blame the assistants at Florida or anywhere else, for getting what they can get.

Blame the system.

And don’t get us started on how those figures above demonstrate that the players can easily get monthly set stipends. That’s for another day and story.

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