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Former Gators WR Antonio Callaway’s already in trouble in Cleveland

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At some point Antonio Callaway is going to be out of chances. The former Gators wide receiver who missed all of 2017, while suspended in a credit card fraud investigation is back in the news with his new team for the wrong reasons.

This, after Callaway was stopped by police early Sunday morning in Strongsville, OH for a traffic violation that became much more than that.

The investigating officers found marijuana, which Callaway, the Browns fourth round pick in April, claimed was not his. However, he claimed it belonged to whomever had been using the car before it was shipped to him in Cleveland, recently.

Well, it turns out that there was even more to the traffic stop.

TMZ obtained the dashboard police cam video of the traffic stop and posted it Wednesday afternoon. In it, the officers also located a back strap for a Glock handgun and ammunition for the gun:

In the video, the officers become very serious (and rightfully, so) when the find the gun part and the bullets. However, the were put more at ease, when there was no gun, and more importantly, recognized Callaway from his id and figured out he was a Browns player.

Callaway was cited for drug possession and driving with a suspended license from Florida. And, he is already in hot water with his employer without having not even played a game.

Mary Kay Cabot, Browns beat writer for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, reported Wednesday that Callaway will be with the team, as they travel to play the Giants on Thursday night.

Callaway saw his draft stock take a hit, not only from the problems in Gainesville, but also when his urine sample at the the NFL Scouting Combine came up as “diluted.” This is an obvious new attempt to beat the drug test by having it invalidated, but the NFL now considers diluted sample results as positives for that reason.

Interestingly, as we wrote about Wednesday morning, star free agent wide receiver Jarvis Landry lit into his teammates in a meeting room on the debut episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks” on Tuesday night. And Callaway can be seen sitting and listening in that video, as Landry is railing about work ethic, desire to practice and trying to turn things around.

The show made no mention, yet, of Callaway’s arrest and situation, but still could on a future episode.


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