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Former Gators WR Antonio Callaway is draft “wildcard”

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In the time that Antonio Callaway was on the field for Florida Gators, he was explosive and a definite headache for whatever defense or punting unit, he was facing. However, the bigger story is the fact that he wasn’t on the field at all in 2017, and now, NFL teams have to project what kind of pro he will be.

Callaway, as you might be aware, was involved in a credit card scandal in Gainesville last summer that entangled he and several of his teammates. And he was eventually charged with a felony for his involvement, Callaway was never re-instated by coach Jim McElwain or interim coach at the end of the year, Randy Shannon.

Callaway then in January declared early for the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, and the evaluation will crank up more with him at the upcoming combine in Indianapolis.

However, on Sunday, NFL Network analyst and former scout in the league, Daniel Jeremiah took to social media:

Obviously, Jeremiah’s opinion should not just be dismissed, but let’s keep some perspective.

No one knows what kind of shape Callaway is in, because no one has seen him in competition for over a year, now.

Next, Jeremiah’s opinion is one of many.

For example, draft analyst Charlie Campbell of Walter, doesn’t even rank Callaway in his top 20 wide receiver rankings (he’s 28th). And, he believes Callaway isn’t going to go before at least the fourth round of the draft.

And Campbell cites the off field concerns about the former Miami high school product and who he associates with is a big detraction to him.

There were similar concerns with FSU’s Dalvin Cook, who coincidentally was from Miami, was also dogged by off field concerns and dropped out of the first round to the Minnesota Vikings in round two.

So, Callaway will go through the workouts and discussions of the next three months. Then, teams will have to decide, if they want risk something before the middle rounds on a guy that did make an impression, but is still a big “wildcard.”

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