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Former Gator now Eagles TE Trey Burton gives more insight on “Philly Special”

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It’s likely going to be the one play that everyone remembers 10 years from now, and maybe forever, from Super Bowl LII. The Eagles use of the reverse-pass to QB Nick Foles known as “Philly Special,” scored them a touchdown on a fourth and goal at the end of the first half.

And, of course since it involves ex-Florida Gators receiver/tight end, Trey Burton, as the hero, we obviously pay attention even more. We wrote about Burton’s involvement in gadget play and how, the Eagles were waiting for just the right situation to spring it on the Patriots Sunday night.

Well, after participating in the Eagles raucous parade Thursday in Philly (above), that was attended by at least 700,000 people to celebrate the first football championship in 58 years, Burton appeared on the Fox Sports 1 cable show “First Things First” Friday morning to talk about the throw that has made him famous.

Burton did reveal something interesting in the clip, which is: the play is a “run first” option, but if Foles is wide open (which he was Sunday night) Burton can throw it, and he did.

Further, as host Chris Carter pointed out, Burton chose to leave his right glove on (playing with them even indoors) as to not give away the surprise element of “Philly Special” that he could be throwing the ball.

And the Pats are just the kind of franchise that would have picked up on something like that.

No, as Carter also chided Burton, a former Venice H.S. QB, his toss wasn’t a great spiral, yet it was effective. Consider, that WR Danny Amendola on a very similar trick play in the first half, put too much juice on his throw to Tom Brady and it fell incomplete.

Burton obviously did his job well-make sure Foles could catch it.

It has also been widely reported that the “Philly Special” play had been practiced and was in the game plan for the correct situation and defensive look from the Vikings in the NFC Championship Game.

However, the Eagles had gotten the play from watching the Bears use it against those same Vikings the year before. And, with the Eagles racing out to a large lead in the first half against Minnesota, they never chose to use it-saving it for two weeks later in Super Bowl LII.

It’s also interesting that NFL Films microphones on the sideline picked up Foles telling coach Doug Pederson during a timeout that they should run “Philly Special” before the critical fourth down play call. Pederson obviously agreed, and Burton and Foles made him look like a genius.

Just like Kirk Gibson’s walk off World Series homer for the Dodgers, or Michael Jordan’s jumper to beat the Utah Jazz for a sixth NBA title, or even Alabama’s Tua Tagovailoa’s bomb TD in overtime to win the College Football Playoff¬† a month ago, there are certain plays in championship settings that will stick with you.

Burton’s “Philly Special” throw is in that category.

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