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Gators QB mystery continues headed to Michigan Game

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The Florida Gators and one stable quarterback just don’t seem to go hand in hand these days.

Ever Since the days of the legendary Tim Tebow, they can’t seem to get a strong hold on the position. Now, we’ve learned that it may continue for parts of this season, and even to start the season.

McElwain said Wednesday that fourth-year junior Luke Del Rio, redshirt freshman Feleipe Franks and graduate transfer Malik Zaire will play this season, maybe even in next week’s season opener against No. 11 Michigan.

He would also go on to say the three guys have done a really good job.” I think there’s some things that they all bring to the table that are really good. Now, the key to us is putting them in those positions, you know, that play to their strengths.”

But McElwain wrapped up with saying that “Will all play? I don’t know yet. Will a couple of them play? I don’t know yet. I know we will have somebody at the position.”

He stated this was not a ploy to play with the Wolverines preparations for the highly anticipated opening game. But, we all know better.

Ultimately, this can’t be good for any of the quarterbacks, as no one can get into a true rhythm in this format. You would have to think that either Zaire or Del Rio will be the first two to get a shot having the most experience.

However, Feleipe Franks had a good spring game and may be the perfect blend of the three and catch the eye of McElwain.

If all three are to play in the opener we may see something along these lines:

Del Rio starting, Zaire coming in for read option plays and short yardage. Leaving Franks to come in and start his own drives mixing it up with Del Rio.

As of now, this is all speculation. It is interesting to see that the Gators haven’t committed to a quarterback with opening kickoff rapidly approaching.

Someone will need to step up and become the Alpha sooner rather than later, if the Gators want to repeat as SEC East Champions.

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