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Gators Coach McElwain addresses Callaway marijuana citation

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It’s not something that a big time college football head coach really ever wants to address, but Gators boss Jim McElwain was willing to talk briefly Thursday night about the latest brush with marijuana and the law for his star receiver Antonio Callaway.

As we wrote earlier on Thursday, Callaway, the Gators top receiving threat, was cited early last Saturday morning in Gainesville for possession of pot after a traffic stop, where he was a passenger in the vehicle.

On Thursday night, McElwain appeared at the Pinellas County Gator booster club meeting for a scheduled event and he also kept his commitment to speak with the Tampa Bay media briefly beforehand.

WFLA TV-“NewsChannel 8” was the only television entity covering McElwain’s appearance and aired his response to a question about the Callaway news on their 11 p.m. newscast.

“I’m really disappointed…..You know, you talk to them about the people they’re hanging out with-the people that they’re around. …. it’s not something, you know, you probably want associated with your brand. Right?,” McElwain said. “….Flip side of that is, like I said, something we are aware of. And, we’ll get it handled.”

Callaway, a junor from Miami, was previously under investigation a year and half ago for sexual assault and admitted to investigators that he was high on marijuana on the night in question. Although he was not charged, McElwain chose to suspend him for Spring practice in 2016.

Now comes a quandary of the possibility of more discipline needed for Callaway and to send a message to his teammates for messing up a second chance vs. the huge opening season game with Michigan. McElwain or the University itself may decide to punish Callaway for part or all of that game this fall.

Then, again, they may chose other punishment instead of involving the game with the Wolverines.

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