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Gators break tradition-will wear crazy alternate uniforms Saturday

Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

Call us sentimental. Call us too old. Call us football traditionalists.

We like the Gators typical attire (like you see above) for Saturday games in the Swamp.

What we don’t like is what the University and the football program are doing with their alternate uniforms in the prime time game with Texas A & M.

Observe what Florida will be decked out in, when the Aggies come calling:

While we’re sure the millenials and teenagers approve of Gator skin looking jerseys and helmets straight out of Vince McMahon’s “XFL,” it’s messing with something that should be left alone.

You want compelling evidence that protecting the schools “look” still works? Here goes:

What makes USC so cool is that you always see them in the deep red and gold with Tommy Trojan on the side of the red helmet. Let Oregon have their 15 different color combinations and helmets. USC is USC.

In Happy Valley, PA, yes the Penn State Nittany blue jerseys with the white logo-less helmet is such an iconic look that no one needs to mess with, and they haven’t for going on 70 years. And the Nittany’s have won a ton, too.

And of course, the program that the Gators, everyone in the SEC, and heck, everyone in college football, envies is Alabama. And every Saturday, it’s Crimson tops, white pants and a Crimson helmet with a number on it. How have they fared over the years and recently?

Are any of those programs hurting for attention, success and the bottom line? Didn”t think so.

We get what the Gators are giving in to. They want to attract attention for their program and potential recruits.  And, we are assisting with that by publicizing what they are wearing.

Also, there is no arguing that huge revenue from Nike is involved, including selling replica jerseys, shirts and that space aged looking helmet/logo to fans, too. But guess what?

The University already makes a river of money without having to do this.

We know. We get that the Noles, Canes, USF, and UCF all have been using different alternate jerseys and changing their helmets in the recent past, too. Hey, the Bulls and Knights have different looks almost every game trying to get people to notice.

But, the Gators are the premiere program for the state. And up until now, their look with either an orange or blue jersey with an orange helmet and blue cursive “Gators” on the side was one of things that you could count on.

Not anymore.

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