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Gase contemplating changes to fix Dolphins garbage offense

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Outside of what they got from running back Jay Ajayi, the Miami Dolphins weren’t all that dynamic on offense last year. They’ve been even less dynamic so far this year and despite the fact it’s only been two games, coach Adam Gase is clearly fed up with what he’s seen.

So fed up that after reviewing the “garbage’’ the Dolphins threw onto the field during their 20-6 loss to the Jets on Sunday, Gase said he will “probably makes some changes’’ that may include personnel changes in an effort to jump start his moribund attack.

“We’ll make the proper adjustments,’’ Gase said Monday. “We’ll figure out what we’ve got to do to get that thing rolling. I’ve been watching it for two years. It just hasn’t worked, so we’re going to figure some things out and make some adjustments.’’

 Gase’s comments came a day after the Jets ran 15 times for just 30 yards, threw for a net total of 195 yards and converted just one of 12 third downs against a Jets team that many believe is tanking this year in an effort to improve their draft position.

Gase said the only offensive performance he could remember that was as bad as the one he saw on Sunday came a year ago against Tennessee, when the Dolphins ran 17 times for 51 yards, threw for only 149 yards and allowed six sacks.

“It’s just surprising some of the stuff that we don’t do right,’’ Gase said. “We’ve basically skimmed (the offense) back as much as we could over the last year and tried to make it to where we can play fast and win one-on-one matchups. But we’re not doing it.

 “It’s just a lot of bad football. We had more mental errors than we’ve had in the last two years. We’ll just make some … I’ll find the guys that want to do it right and those are the guys that will play. 

 I’m just tired of watching it for two years. It’s just garbage. We’re going to figure something out.’’

 One change Gase could make would be to go away from the hurry-up approach he’s been trying to install. He was even critical of that, though, saying that it’s “not really a hurry up offense when we snap the ball at two seconds every time.’’

Not even quarterback Jay Cutler was spared in Gase’s critique. Cutler has completed 64.9-percent of his passes so far (50 of 77) and while he’s only thrown one interception, he’s countered with just two touchdown passes and has an 83.8 passer rating, 26th best in the league.

 “Not as well as I’d like him to,’’ Gase said when asked how Cutler has played.

Of course, Cutler is not coming out of the lineup. Neither is Ajayi, who shouldn’t, and there’s no way Gase is going to fiddle around with the weapons he has at wide receiver.

The options then appear to be tight end, though it’s hard to imagine he’ll give up on Julius Thomas this soon, and the offensive line. The latter may be where the personnel change come.

As for scheme changes, well, as Gase said he’s already dummied the thing down about as much as he can. And he can’t scrap the entire thing and start over so we’ll see what he comes up with.

Challenging times for the young coach, that’s for sure.

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