Florida State Seminoles

Gameday- Noles try to bounce back at Duke

(Photo by David L. Yeazell/Icon Sportswire)


The Florida State Seminoles will be on the road this week vs. the Duke Blue Devils. In what has been an uncharacteristic season for the Noles, they will look to get things somewhat back to normal by defeating the Blue Devils, who they have never dropped a game to.

Here are a few things to watch for the Seminoles.

Intensity- Coming off a heartbreaking loss to rival Miami , how will the Noles show up to this one? It’s no secret that even with the record they have the Noles possess a lot of talent. The question remains though, will they come to play? Against Wake Forest, things were sluggish for periods of the game. Watch for some of the same in this one, but for the Noles to turn it on in the second half.

Offensive Growth- Each week the offense has been getting slightly better, much of the same should continue in this contest. The group though needs to be better at converting third downs, and finding ways to move the chains on earlier downs. We already wrote about Auden Tate emerging earlier this week.

The running game has stepped up and needs to continue to do so with injury’s sweeping through the wide receiver group. The Red Zone efficiency also needs to improve. The difference between 7 and 3 points changes the outcome of all of the one possession loses.

Defensive Dominance- the Noles defense has as much talent as anyone could want. However, they haven’t put it all together. Florida State’s defense is towards the bottom in sacks (8.0) and in forcing turnovers (3) in the ACC. That has led to opponents cashing in on third downs and extending drives. Those numbers won’t cut it, and if they continue, changes will be coming.

Look for the defense to take advantage of a struggling duke air attack.

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