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Former UCF star Shaquill Griffin thrown into the fire with the Seahawks

(Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire)


The Seattle Seahawks defense is known as the “Legion of Boom” and despite several key injuries over the past several years, it looks like the squad on that side of the ball is back to form in 2017. One player who not only made the rotation, but had his first start this past Sunday as a rookie against the Green Bay Packers is already making an impact. That player is former UCF DB Shaquill Griffin. 

Talk about being thrown into the fire. Griffin’s first game as a pro, was as a starter against Aaron Rodgers. Can you have an even more challenging start to one’s career as that? Well let’s first tip the hat to Griffin for even making the rotation, but getting the starting nod. That’s an amazing accomplishment to do that on any NFL team as a rookie. But this isn’t just a middle of the road defense, this is the “Legion of Boom” we are talking about and it’s quite the veteran crew. Griffin excelled in camp and in the preseason earning quite a bit of praise. 

He really took advantage when Jeremy Lane went down with an injury. Basically he stepped up and made the coaching staff really happy. Now against the Packers he didn’t have what one would call a hall of fame type performance, but he did play very well. Even Fox analyst Troy Aikman on several occasions pointing out the play of Griffin.

I hate to boast, but I did see this coming. Back in early May:

From the optics of it, it’s not a stretch to say that Griffin could indeed be the steal of the 2017 NFL draft, being that he was picked in the third round. Certainly Seahawks know what they are doing when drafting, so this pick isn’t quite the long shot as it may seem. I went this whole article and didn’t even mention Russell Wilson, yet another diamond found beyond the first or second rounds. If you aren’t familiar with Shaquill Griffin, get acquainted with him. You will be hearing a lot about him, maybe not so much in 2017, but in years to come. And you can say you heard it here first! Or just take the credit yourself, who’s keeping score anyways? 

Okay obviously I didn’t call it exactly. I wasn’t expecting him to start immediately, but I did see how this was a great situation for both Griffin and the Seahawks to excel. This week the Seahawks are at home to take on the 49ers. Brian Hoyer is no Aaron Rodgers and his receiving corps is ok. This may be the type of week where Griffin may force a turnover. We shall see. Either way the former UCF standout and rookie DB has been thrown straight into the fire and so far he’s handling the heat.

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